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Vaccines = King Cobra Venom

Corona virus actually means “king venom.” And as Dr. Bryan Ardis explains, citing scores of documents and experimental research, it’s actually King Cobra venom. Remdesivir is primarily freeze-dried King Cobra snake venom.

Those who have been vaccinated around the world have been hoodwinked and deceived by the Big Pharma companies. Here, learn about Dr. Ardis’ analysis, outlined by Mike Adams on the Health Ranger Report.


Mystery Of The Serpent

Robert Sepehr is back with a look at Wilhelm Reich, Alan Watt, the vril occult and orgone energy. Sepehr, an author and anthropologist, focuses here on the lowly snake and the role played by serpents in all religions and most ancient mysteries.


Crazy Things Snakes Swallowed

When hunger pangs strike, snakes will eat almost anything. Take the hungry reptile who slithered into a Gainesville, Fla., backyard and devoured not one, but two 15-watt lightbulbs, each three times the size of the snake’s head.

When property owners saw the snake, they noticed two large bulges in its body as if it were pregnant with twins. The homeowners admitted that they discarded the bulbs from their chicken coop and the snake mistook them for eggs.

In the following video, Origins Explained features 10 of the craziest things that were found in the bellies of snakes.

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The Great Snake Debate

The majority of prehistoric snake fossils reveal only a few bones. But 90 million years ago, an ancient species, known as najash, was discovered to have legs, some with two, others with four. “And because of this,” PBS Eons host Hank Green says, “the evolutionary history of snakes is among the most mysterious of all the vertebrates.

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Snake Eats Whole Deer

The giant Reticulated Python is as wide as a human and capable of catching and swallowing a crocodile whole. This snake is out looking for a kill big enough to sustain it for the next year. Here it eats a whole deer on one of the wildest islands of Indonesia. More from Discovery UK.

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Surviving Wild Animal Attacks

How to survive bear or shark attack? What should you do if you are bitten by a snake? Bright Side has gathered 13 easy tips that will save your life if you do meet a wild animal.

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Trainers Killed by Their Animals

We hope you know that you should stay away from wild animals, especially carnivorous ones. However, many of them, even the most dangerous, can be tame, or, more specifically, trained. Unfortunately, people forget quite often that an animal will be always a wild creature, no matter what, and at some point it can show its true nature. So, here are 6 beasts that killed their owners, including a black bear, a viper snake and a camel.

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Amazon’s River Monsters

From mysterious vampire fish and giant man-eating snakes to clever black caimans waiting to make you their next meal, these are 15 epic Amazon River monsters, presented by Epic Wildlife.

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How to Make Antivenom

Bitten by a venomous snake? There’s hope! French scientist Albert Calmette developed the first snake antivenom in the late 1890s, and did such a good job that we use his technique to this day. Antivenom works by stimulating the production of antibodies that can smother venom’s toxic effects, preventing spread and rendering them harmless. But how do you make it? Well, stay tuned to this episode of SciShow to find out.

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New Animals Discovered in Asia

Scientists have found more than 100 new species of previously unknown animals living in the Mekong River basin, running through China and Vietnam. The new species range from snakes to skinks to spiders that build decoys of themselves! H/T SourceFed

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