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Key To Ending Election Theft

Stew Peters reports that America is running out of political solutions to secure the integrity of our elections. He says our government is now a crime syndicate that is unresponsive to its constituents.

Author and political activist Josh Barnett joins Peters to explain how, according to the Supreme Court, state legislatures still have the power to directly appoint presidential electors. He’s expected to meet with the Arizona Freedom Caucus to detail how this electoral strategy will end Democrat election theft in big cities.

Bombshell Evidence In Arizona!

Gary Franchi reports that former Arizona Republican gubernatorial candidate, Kari Lake, is sending shockwaves across the political spectrum, publishing more evidence of fraudulent ballots and misread votes from tabulators in the 2022 midterm election.

Franchi says Lake’s team revealed that 40,000 ballots were illegally counted and almost a quarter of a million ballots were misread by 446 tabulators at precincts in Maricopa County. The team said Arizona voters deserve justice and demanded Lake should immediately be installed as Arizona’s governor. Here’s more from Next News Network.

No Room For Error

Truth And Art TV’s Bernie Suarez says there are more than a few conservatives upset with what didn’t come to fruition in 2022.

We’re talking about revelations, such as overwhelming evidence presented by Mike Lindell that Donald J. Trump would be reinstated to the presidency last July, the hope that the 2020 Maricopa County, Ariz., audit would flip the election, the impact of the 2000 Mules documentary, and even the expectation of a monster red wave in the midterms. Nothing materialized, as expected!

Suarez explains why nothing happened and sets the record straight on the big picture where, he says, there’s no room for error.

Juan O. Savin–SCOTUS Kill Shot

Juan O. Savin tells David “Nino” Rodriguez that should the Supreme Court decide Congress was derelict in its Constitutional duty when certifying the 2020 election, we will have an unprecedented mess on our hands!

The case before the court, says Savin, will determine  whether Congress reviewed the claims of foreign interference–which it didn’t–as spelled out in the Constitution. “This particular action is not a criminal action,” he says. “All it does is decide whether these people, based on their actions, can legally hold office.” He added that if SCOTUS finds they violated their oath, nobody goes to jail, or Gitmo. All it does is find they’re unfit for office and banned from ever holding public office again.

That would apply, of course, to the Democrat Party’s 388 majority in the House and Senate. The next phase? With the Democrat majority now powerless, Savin says Donald J. Trump would immediately be recognized as the continuing president, because the 2020 election is nullified. No need to be sworn in again, because technically, he never left office. He never conceded the election. Savin unravels the details, plus updates a stunning turn of events in the Arizona midterm elections.

Pelosi Roasted On House Floor!

Feisty Colorado Congresswoman Lauren Boebert wasted no time celebrating the Republicans’ return to dominance in the House of Representatives, delivering a sobering rebuke to lame duck Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

Speaking on the House floor, Boebert said, “Madam Speaker, the American people have spoken. They have fired you and have decided to end the Democrats’ one-party rule throughout our government. The days of this chamber being treated as Pelosi’s house, instead of the peoples’ house, is over.” Here’s her address on the Trump News Channel.

Arizona Voters Speak Out!

In an exclusive report, Specialized Tom captured the election-day sentiment of frustrated Arizona voters. The video, which is banned on YouTube, exposes the extremes the Deep State went through to cheat on last week’s midterms. Here’s the report.

Kari Lake: Arizona Misconduct

Republican gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake, who’s still awaiting the outcome of Tuesday’s vote, said that if elected, she will call a special session of the Legislature to change election laws so they are fair, honest and transparent.

Lake, appearing on Fox News with Tucker Carlson, said that as of Wednesday, 650,000 votes had not been counted. She said these are votes from people who showed up on election day, including 275,000 who personally brought their mail-in ballots to the polls because they don’t trust the U.S. Postal Service. She added there are reports that 20 percent of the tabulator machines went down, all in Republican precincts.

“You don’t have election season, you have election day and paper ballots. And you count them right there in the precinct,” Lake said. Here’s more.

Has DeSantis Claimed Throne?

As Americans witnessed the promise of a red wave transform into barely a trickle, is it time to admit that Donald Trump’s throne now belongs to Ron DeSantis? Restored Republic’s Justus Knight dives into the analysis of the red wave that wasn’t.

Biden Regime’s War Of Terror

Mike Adams is reporting from his sources that the corrupt Democrat Party is going to rig today’s election at levels we’ve never seen before. Even bigger than 2020! A level so massive it appears they want to get caught. Their goal: To get Republicans to start an insurrection.

That’s been the Biden regime’s plan all along: Rattle the Republicans and hope for Civil War. It’s Biden’s war of terror, replete with armed militia on the streets, lapped along their radical Antifa and BLM cohorts. Adams fleshes out the details and adds that since the Elon Musk takeover at Twitter, he now has the “goods” on the sinister Democrats–all their conniving tweets that led to the 2020 election fraud.

National Guard To The Rescue

Christian Patriot News reports that the National Guard is activating cyber-security teams in 14 states ahead of Tuesday’s midterm election to counter any possible interference in the vote count. He also shows that a series of four- and five-year Q delta post are forecasting a wild week ahead in the Great Awakening. He explains further.

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