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Blow by Blow on Wind

Love it or not, wind is a two-faced force of nature. While we welcome the pleasure of a cool breeze, or even strong gust, we tremble at the thought of gales, tornadoes and hurricanes. What is wind? Hank Green of SciShow answers in one simple sentence. “Wind is caused by air flowing from an area of high pressure to an area of low pressure,” he says. “The closer the high and low pressures are to each other, the stronger the wind.” Tune in as Green gets a bit more technical in this edition of SciShow.

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How to Stop a Tornado

As those living in America’s heartland have long known, tornadoes are not a force to be reckoned with, or are they? D-News looks at whether drastic measures actually could stop a killer tornado in its tracks.

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In the Eye of the Storm

Aerial images show the destruction caused by a mile-wide tornado that swept through the suburbs of Oklahoma City Tuesday afternoon. H/T Wall Street Journal

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Meanwhile, weather photographer Jim Reed shows a newbie how to follow tornadoes, but things get tense when a tornado changes direction.

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Tornado-Proof Homes

10 Design presents its concept for a tornado-proof home. The Kevlar-skinned dwelling is supported by hydraulic lifts, allowing the structure to be lowered into an underground hangar at any sign of a tornado. Think of a turtle, which can pull its head back within a protective shell whenever danger arises. 10 Design is an international architectural firm, headquartered in Hong Kong, with offices in Denver, Edinburgh and Shanghai. H/T de zeen

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