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Will Biden Be Impeached?

Jordan Sather reviews the Afghanistan debacle and wonders aloud: Is Joe Biden going to be impeached? Otherwise, in this episode of Destroying the Illusion, Sather touches upon covid and vaccines, Ghislaine Maxwell, the election audit in Maricopa County, Arizona, 9/11 and more.

David Nino Rodriguez offers a farewell salute to the American soldiers slain by terrorists at the airport in Kabul. He also offers testimony on how to fight against businesses that are blackballing patriots.

Look For Trump’s Return

Former CIA officer Michael Jaco says President Donald Trump will return to power before the end of 2021. Jaco makes his prediction in an interview with Nicholas Veniamin.

Why will a transition happen? Because Joe Biden never was elected, but installed through chicanery via the counting of hundreds of thousands of illegal and false votes. It’s not even clear the real Joe Biden is still alive. What we could be seeing are clones or lookalikes pushed forward by both the White Hats as well as the Black Hats.

Jaco does not expect the transition to occur without some chaos and violence. He believes the U.S. military will be involved in helping to quell the violence, especially any threats from foreign governments or from terrorist groups like Antifa and Black Lives Matter.

Already, we are seeing a large number of United Nations armed vehicles being stationed in Canada. Will these UN troops and tanks be crossing over the border to confront the U.S. military? Hard to say, although that’s certainly a possibility.

Why does Trump have a massive security team? Because the Deep State — which some have labeled The Corn — plays dirty. They not only murdered John F. Kennedy. They shot Ronald Reagan in another assassination attempt. When Reagan survived, The Corn — including intelligence dregs from the FBI, CIA and other federal agencies — released a “brain-eating” compound that left Reagan debilitated.

It’s time these corrupt entities are corralled, and either cleaned up or forever disbanded.

The election audits have already shown Trump carried Arizona, and evidence is mounting that he won Georgia as well. Now, Seth Keshel, a retired Army intelligence officer, says Trump carried Pennsylvania and Michigan as well, by margins ranging from 6 to 8 percent. Here is Keshel’s analysis in the Bannon’s War Room. More from The Gateway Pundit.

Biden Arming al-Qaeda Again

Joe Biden and his Sleazebag Leftist administration are back arming al-Qaeda again. Partisan Girl says she has proof in the form of receipts showing armament purchases involving forces in Syria.

The al-Qaeda nonsense was one of the most outrageous and asinine blunders of Barack Obama and his corrupt Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Can’t say we’re surprised that Biden is following suit, but you’ve got to wonder: Do these so-called “Liberals” ever do anything in a honest way? Or are they all just mindless terrorist enablers?

Now The Hunters Are The Prey

When is a class-action lawsuit effective? How about when it has a global scale, as in the Florida lawsuit, joined by President Donald Trump, and brought against Facebook, Twitter and Google to break up their Leftist censorship. Boom! Pray! More from And We Know.

Jordan Sather is back with another episode of Destroying the Illusion. Among the topics covered in this video:

  • Former President Donald Trump’s class-action lawsuit against Big Tech.
  • Pennsylvania joining Arizona and Georgia as states pressing ahead with election audits.
  • Pfizer’s 3rd dose.
  • Toyota goes woke, saying the company will not donate to any Republicans who objected to certifying the elections. Silly, but we thought they were a car company! Seems instead, they are low-rent politicians now. Screw them and their products as well.

The Biden administration is picking up where Barack Obama left off in an insidious plan to destroy America. Witness the debacle we saw over the Fourth of July weekend as gasoline prices hit new seven-year highs and many stations reported shortages. Otherwise, in this video, JustInformed Talk exposes Leftist indoctrination aimed at our youths. And why is Joe Biden helping to form a new extremist stronghold in Afghanistan?

Terrorists Steamroll Joe Biden

Terrorists threaten a major U.S. oil pipeline and all Joe Biden’s administration can do is to jawbone and warn companies to tighten their security. You can’t have the FBI investigate the terrorists, after all, when those extorting the pipeline are probably Democratic allies!

Besides, the Democrats could care less! These kinds of attacks could drive up the cost of gas to $5 a gallon, and that fits the Democrats’ demented environmentalist, electric car agenda to a tee! More from The Salty Cracker.

Fuel shortages occurred in 17 states, mostly across the South but extending up the Atlantic Seaboard, including Virginia and Washington DC. A widespread emergency was declared in response to the terrorist attack. Did the FBI round up the terrorists? Of course not. FBI agents were too busy harassing grandmas who voted for Trump. More from Tim Pool.

Expect Silver To Rebound

Bob Kudla, founder of Trade Genius, says the drop in silver prices over the past couple of days is merely a marketing blip. He expects silver to rebound, and continue to climb, reaching a new high around $45 an ounce by the end of next year. He says smart investors won’t panic, but merely look at these marketing blips as opportunities to acquire more silver. More from the SGTReport in a video entitled They Rig Metals, While Financing Drug Cartels, Terrorists and Mobsters!


The Coming Insurrection, Part 2

Remember the Ray Bradbury sci-fi novel Something Wicked This Way Comes? That’s what we face here in America: A violent and radical scourge called Black Lives Matter, funded, in part, by the Communist Chinese. Redonkulas has been warning us to beware of BLM. The group already has 13 chapters set up in Boston, Chicago, Denver, Detroit, District of Columbia, Lansing, Long Beach, Los Angeles, Memphis, Nashville, New York City, Philadelphia and South Bend. They are actively recruiting and hope to establish 30 more chapters in the near future. Here, Redonkulas explores their fund-raising capacities, their overseas affiliations and how they plan to destroy America from the ground up.

Fox News Covers For Soros

Fox News yanked former House Speaker Newt Gingrich off the air prematurely after he ripped into George Soros for funding the Antifa and Black Lives Matter riots. What’s the problem, Fox News? Are you just as big a bunch of liars as the Leftist hooligans over at CNN and MSNBC?

George Soros not only provides much of the  money for the not-so “peaceful” protesters, but he’s been doing the same kinds of scandalous and treasonous acts for many years now. But our “free” press in the United States is afraid to ever investigate or categorically state how Soros is behind subverting not only our federal government, but even state, city and regional governments.

Why is the press so afraid of this bastard? Are they afraid to touch him because he’s a former Nazi collaborator? Is the problem because he is covertly related to the CIA or other clandestine intelligence agencies? What are we to make of Soros’ links with Jeffrey Epstein? Is Soros an active participant in the sordid Epstein network that engaged in child trafficking and pedophilia?

The terrorists funded by Soros have destroyed cities across America, causing more property damage than any other series of riots historically. There have been a few bloodier and more violent riots, but these more recent riots have certainly been marked by vile and often quite violent outbursts. Like many Americans, we’ve seen more than enough and will insist our leaders either break their ties with the terrorists, or else, get out of office. Likewise, if Fox News can’t stand up to George Soros, it’s time we abandon that network and seek out real, hard-hitting journalism. No more excuses for pampering dirty, rotten, no-good crooks. More from The Salty Cracker.

The fake new TV networks can run interference for Soros but they can’t stop the growing anger as people realize who he is, and how he has subverted and attempted to sabotage our nation. Maybe Soros should relocate his operations to Communist China, because that’s where a blackguard of his caliber ought to live. Lisa Haven believes Soros is on the chopping block. She explains how he just got a big surprise he never saw coming. Boom!


Antifa Is Running Scared

President Donald Trump’s plan worked. Rather than send in the military to Portland, Oregon, to take down the rioting Antifa and Black Lives Matter radicals, Trump merely deputized Oregon State Police. So when charges are brought against Antifa and BLM agitators, these charges can now be brought to federal courts.

This has put the fear of God into the rioters. Why? Portland’s bought-off Democratic District Attorney had been dismissing charges filed against Antifa and BLM. But now, these charges aren’t being dismissed and can bring longer federal prison terms. Seems like the bold rioters aren’t so hot shit, after all.

Not only are the rioters getting their jut desserts, but who turned up at their latest affair and got arrested? Kristina Narayan, a top Democratic staffer who works for the Speaker of the Oregon House of Representatives, Tina Kotek. Book ’em, Danno! More from Tim Pool.

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The infamous Hacker known as 4chan infiltrates SECRET Antifa and BLM (Leftist) Telegram groups, exposing their plans to the world and the feds. Go get them FBI. More from Mr. Obvious.

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Confirmed: Antifa and Black Lives Matter arsonists arrested for causing wildfires in Washington and Oregon. At least seven are dead, including a 12-year-old boy. Homes destroyed and wildlife lost. More from Mr. Obvious.

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Walkaway Founder Harassed

A Black Lives Matter mob in Dallas chases down and harasses the founder of the Walkaway Movement Brandon Straka. He says, “”This was the most terrifying moment of my life. My team & I went to the police to check on detained security agent. 30-40 BLM began throwing bottles at us & chasing us. They stole my employee’s phone & smashed it. We had to run for 4-5 blocks. All Dallas news stations were there.”

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