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Rockefeller Created Big Pharma

Standard Oil tycoon John D. Rockefeller, who at one time controlled 90 percent of the oil refineries in the United States before being forced to break up the conglomerate by the U.S. Supreme Court, built his fortune on illegality, cons and scams.

Though Standard Oil made Rockefeller America’s first millionaire, this was not enough for him. When Rockefeller¬† discovered that petro chemicals, made from oil, could be used to make pharmaceutical drugs, he saw an opportunity to expand his empire. Soon he controlled the fledgling pharmaceutical industry and basically created Big Pharma. Here’s his story from ThebigawakeningQ.

America’s Doctor Cartel

John Stossel reports that while America suffers a major shortage of doctors, sending health costs into the stratosphere, the American Medical Association is focused on telling doctors to use Marxist, woke  language. Stossel explains and tells us how the AMA has become a doctor cartel.


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