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Big Pharma’s Formula Of Evil

Infowars’ Alex Jones says the public is waking up to the worldwide corruption of Big Pharma and its sinister collusion with corporations and the media. He’s joined by attorney Robert Barnes to expose  the formula of evil in the pharmaceutical industry.

Corrupt FBI Can’t Be Saved

Jim Hoft, founder of Gateway Pundit, tells the Pete Santilli podcast that the FBI has lost all credibility and cannot be saved.

He says the daily mantra from pundits that the corruption can be traced to a few bad apples is a distraction. “If there’s all these honest individuals in the FBI, I think it’s about time that a few of them stood up and spoke out about what’s happening there,” he says. Here’s more with Hoft, including the sham that was the Covid vaccines.

For The Children

Border battles. Old Guard falling apart. Children’s love melting hearts! Thank God! Pray! More from And We Know.

Listen as Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau brags how he has bought off the fake news. “You don’t get headlines like these without greasing the wheels,” he chimes, noting his Liberal government has allocated $600 million to butter up the press.


Jolie Blue offers a Canadian convoy rally song. “This one is for the truckers, the riggers, and everyone else in the Oil & Gas Industry… and their families.”

CIA Front Group Created Covid

A former associate of Peter Daszak has come forward with bombshell revelations about EcoHealth Alliance, the CIA and China! Watch as RedPill78 explains how Daszak’s EcoHealth Alliance created Covid-19. The alliance is quite literally a thinly disguised front for the CIA.

Legal proceedings will be undertaken against covid criminals. That includes the lying politicians or members of the medical establishment who forbade the use of drugs like ivermectin to treat covid patients. Even Liberals are beginning to wake up! Justice will come! We are uniting against our enemies. The witches are in a state of panic. More from And We Know.

Winning! The OSHA mandate is dissolved and Biden isn’t fighting it. Jen is eating crow, and now Americans are taking the fight to their states. We’re finding our courage and taking back our country! More from Lori Colley.


Healing Will Take Generations

The damage will be with us for generations. So says Dr. Robert Malone, inventor of the mRNA technology, in his groundbreaking talk with Joe Rogan. “The psychological damage of these lockdowns, the mask use, the schools’ policies, the bullying of children who are unvaccinated, the psychological damage is huge,” he says.

We have allowed evil to prey upon us. We must fight again! Is the NFL using ivermectin to cover up sickness? Meanwhile, the mainstream media keeps trying to cover up heart attacks with lies. Pray. More from And We Know.

Ivermectin Safer Than Vaccines

Contrary to flip-flopping President Biden’s claims, Wisconsin Sen. Ron Johnson says the vaccines are not up to snuff and mandates are pointless. He points to data showing vaccinated Americans are contracting Covid-19, can transmit the virus and are being hospitalized in larger numbers than expected.

Johnson tells Fox News’ Maria Bartiromo the Biden Administration refuses to recognize natural immunity, are completely ignoring vaccine injuries and are turning a blind eye to therapeutics, such as Ivermectin, which data shows is safer than vaccines. Here’s more from Johnson, who also opines on the Hunter Biden-China connection.

Joe Rogan Goes Off On CNN

CNN’s description of the therapeutic drug Ivermectin as veterinary medicine drew the ire of alternative podcaster Joe Rogan. He rips into CNN chief medical reporter Sanjay Gupta over the fake news, calling the network’s description an outright lie. “It’s a lie on a news network and it’s a lie that their conscious of,” Rogan says. “It’s not a mistake. They’re unfavorably framing it as veterinary medicine.”

The outburst on “The Joe Rogan Show, left Gupta speechless, forcing him to admit that the network never should have characterized the drug as “horse medicine.” Here’s the exchange.

Parasite Found In Pfizer Vaccine

We’ve all have been wondering about the secretive ingredients inside the vaccines. The presence of graphene oxide, a toxic metallic substance that can cause blood clotting, has already been widely discussed. This is the ingredient that causes vaccinated individual to become magnetic, at least near their puncture points.

But there’s a second substance that’s been found in the Pfizer vaccine that is even more shocking. That substance? A Latin American parasite called Trypanosoma cruzi that bores into human tissue and eats blood. This protozoa causes a disease known as chaga or American trypanosomiasis. It’s an infectious disease, predominantly found in poverty-stricken regions of Mexico, Central America and South America.

Complications associated with chaga include heart failures and intestinal disorders. It is marked by fever, fatigue, body aches, headaches, rashes and loss of appetite.

You have to wonder if the move to ban or limit access to ivermectin has anything to do with the presence of the Trypanosoma cruzi, seeing as how ivermectin is quite effective in treating diseases involving tropical parasites. Here’s more from The Resistance 1776.

Head Lines Matter

Rolling Stone Magazine should stick with rock music. When they touch upon news, the magazine lacks journalistic standards.

In the latest incident, Rolling Stone attacked the covid-19 drug ivermectin by reporting on a hospital in Oklahoma where patients supposedly couldn’t get emergency treatment. The only problem: The magazine’s “source” was a doctor not on staff who hadn’t even treated anyone at the hospital for a couple of months.

So what Rolling Stone reported was closer to bullshit than fact.  Brings to mind the magazine’s big scandal over an alleged gang rape at the University of Virginia in 2014. That story turned out to be totally fabricated and false, resulting in the magazine and the author of the article losing a massive defamation lawsuit. More from Jamie Dlux.



Joe Rogan’s Bad Health Advice

Thank you to Dave Smith for the premise which I stole from him with his permission. More from FreedomToons.

Hateful Joe Rogan Is Spreading Misinformation and Must Be Stopped! You’ll learn everything you need to know about the recent Joe Rogan controversy. Joe’s COVID Experience, CNN’s Ivermectin Claims. More from AwakenwithJP.

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