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The World Is Waking Up

The world is waking up and beginning to figure out the demonic playbook. The Illuminati have tried to camouflage what they do, but now that they are rushing, it’s easier to spot where their moves fit and why some are overtaxing and overreaching. Not all of the people can see. Pray for those who are still lost or clinging to the land of the lost. More from And We Know.

The patriots are now leading the [Deep State] down the path. The people are waking up in droves. People are not getting the vaccine like the elite thought they would. The people are starting to push back. The companies are realizing that they are going against the people. The race card is not longer working. Now the Arizona elections are being audited. Tick tock. The patriots are on the offensive and the people are seeing the [Deep State] plan very clearly and they are pushing back. More from the X22 Report.


If you’re white, you’ve got a new set of rules when visiting the George Floyd Autonomous zone in Minneapolis, but fear not! There’s tales of miracles taking place amidst the SJW revival tent. The Maricopa Forensic Audit has officially begun and I end with more questions than answers. Why is it that certain types of killings don’t elicit the same outrage from celebrities and the SJW news anchors?More from RedPill78.

Attack Of The Braindead Sheep

Part 2 of my conversation with Dilara Esengil, California attorney, truther and activist. We touch on just about everything in the second half: The ATTACK of the SLEEPING SHEEP, GREY ALIENS, entity specific CRAFT, ADRENOCHROME SHORTAGE and the EFFECTS, Hollywood PANIC, REPTILIANS, EBES, MIND CONTROL, Area 51, Montauk, and more from McAllister TV.

Nobody Is Above The Law

The [Deep State]/Democrats are in trouble. Trump’s defense team destroyed them. Trump’s defense team did the unthinkable, they brought up Joe Biden’s corruption and the illegal Crossfire Hurricane. The Patriots are educating the masses. Those who are protected are no longer protected. Nobody is above the law. Justice is coming. More from the X22 Report.

Where’s the black box? The helicopter that crashed taking the lives of basketball legend Kobe Bryant, his daughter and other passengers was among the models required to carry a black box. But it’s not clear that the ‘copter was in compliance, so we still might not know how Sunday’s crash happened.

In other stories, what role did FBI/CIA uber staffer Peter Strzok play in squashing any news surrounding the murder of Seth Rich? On another note: The Pirbright patent for a vaccine to the coronavirus is a different version of the virus than the one released in Wuhan. This throws cold water on the charges of some Patriots who have been attacking Bill Gates because his foundation supports Pirbright. There is no evidence whatsoever tying Gates together with the Wuhan release. It remains either an accident or a byproduct of Chinese biochemical weapons research or both. More from Red Pill 78.

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My pal Crrow777 returns to SGT Report to blow some rather large holes through official current and historical narratives. This video is entitled: They Seek Absolute Total Control Over Everything.

Sheep No More. In fact, the sheep are turning into wolves, as more and more people around the world are waking up to the many ways they have been lied to and enslaved. More from Craig Mason on the Reasonable Conversation channel.

How far should we go to follow the money and expose the sham the Democrats have been running? Who was the bigger crook — Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton or Barack Hussein Obama? We know they are all dirty and corrupt and have been dipping their hands in the till. But should we focus on one or the other in uncovering the graft? More from JustInformed Talk.

Germany’s Erotic Zoos Face Ban

The German Parliament is moving to reinstate laws against sex with animals after a pronounced rise in the number of bestiality cases. The Germans struck down bestiality as a criminal offense in 1969, but now a reversal appears imminent, amid signs of increasing zoophilia. Some farmers are reportedly pimping out their sheep and pigs for sex acts. There are even erotic zoos that people can visit to abuse animals including goats and llamas.

Michael Kiok, the chairman of a German zoophile group called ZETA, defended keeping bestiality legal. “Mere concepts of morality have no business being law,” Kiok said.

What a strange line of reasoning. If laws governing human behavior are completely divorced from morality, then humans have been reduced to barnyard animals. Who believes this is what the founders of Western Civilization, even those advocating libertarian principles, had in mind?

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