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China Is The Great Reset

David Icke says nation members attending the recent G20, or Group of 20, conference unanimously agreed to move to vaccine passports and digital currencies.

Icke adamantly states it’s a move he predicted in his 1992 book, The Robot’s Rebellion, where he wrote that the plan is to get rid of all cash and have a single world currency. He adds that another part of the plan is a¬† conflict between the West and China-Russia, designed to be won by China. Why? “Because China is the blueprint for the global cult,” he says. “China is the Great Reset.” More with Icke on London Real.

FTX Is History Repeating

A manufactured cult of personality with high-level marketing. Amazing Polly looks at FTX vis-a-vis Groupon.

Standup comedian Kurt Metzger joins The Joe Rogan Experience to discuss the prodigious drug usage of Sam Bankman-Fried and his digital currency cohorts at FTX.

They indiscriminately screwed each other and got jacked up on amphetamines, playing League of Legends as they traded piles of hedge fund tokens rapidly shrinking in value. They had given the Democrats and a few key corrupt Republicans tons of campaign cash, so no one was monitoring the firm’s impending crash.

Transparency Is Coming!

FTX protected byt Musk attacked by Democrats! But finally, transparency is coming! Trafficking information to be divulged. More from And We Know.

People Lash Out Against Paypal

This week on the New World Next Week: SWIFT announces the next step in the creation of the cross-border CBDC financial architecture; masses of people rise up against PayPal (by unsubscribing from Corbett and Pilato); and a sabotage agent lowered fluoride levels in one town’s drinking water for years before being caught. More from The Corbett Report, featuring James Corbett, and Media Monarchy with James Evan Pilato.

Disarm The Central Bankers

It’s time all of us mobilize to fight back against the central banks that seek to control us from the day we are born. These dirty institutions, under the control of the Khazarian Mafia, are now trying to institute a digital currency that would give them even more insidious and complete control over us. How can we defeat them?

One of the easiest ways: Use cash every day. Try to moderate your use of credit cards and bank checks. #CashEveryDay.

Here, Clif High offers other suggestions on how we can maintain our independence and screw over these Leftist bankers. Yes, you, too, can contribute positively and take down the decrepit central bank system. Remember, it’s a war!

The Truth Is Spreading

The [Deep State] is trapped in their own agenda. They know they cannot control the narrative. The agenda is falling apart. The people are questioning everything they do. The precipice is meant to wake those people up who are in a deep sleep. A scare event will be necessary to snap them out of it.

What will the scare event be? WAR, will we go to war? No. The corrupt politicians are pushing everything they have and now the people can see this very clearly.

Trump readies the replacements. The [Deep State] will be so desperate that they will push a communication blackout, but this will not stop the patriots. Countermeasures are in place. Buckle up. The ride is about to get really bumpy. More from the X22 Report.

The death cult’s insane policies are creating the perfect storm, which will destroy them in November with a red wave at the ballot box that will remind people of the red wedding in Game of Thrones. Bob Kudla is back to discuss. More from the SGTReport.


The One Ring

The system tends towards consolidation. Digital currency emerges, and a choice becomes evident: a coin that represents absolute control minted by a central authority, or a decentralized coin whose value is volatile, even manipulated, and increasingly pressured to be domesticated.Here is Episode 10 of The Trust Game from Truthstream Media.


Canada’s Digital Currency

Better start waking up, Canadians! This is not for your health. More from Whatsherface.

Demise Of Dollars Begins

Natural News’ Mike Adams brings us the red-alert report that the demise of the dollar has begun. He says the fiscal emergency facing our nation is being orchestrated by the Deep State.

Adams says everything has been set into motion for the destruction of the fiat currency dollar and a transformation to the Central Bank’s digital currency. Here’s more of his report.

J.O. Savin: Madness On Steroids

Juan O. Savin says that on every front possible, we’re talking about the storm–a tsunami of events that will tie up the whole world.¬†Appearing with Tom Sidney Bushell, aka Numbers, and WriteSide Blonde, Savin says the Ukrainian crisis is just the first avenue of the storm, which will then gravitate into the geological, political and financial realms, and on and on.

“With all the insane comments (in State of the Union), March Madness is off to a strong start,” Savin says. “With some of the things that are about to happen, by the time you get to the end of March, I think everybody is going to be in agreement: March Madness on steroids.” Here’s their report.

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