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Global Famine Looming

Combat journalist and author Michael Yon says global famine is rapidly approaching and immigration patterns indicate that the throngs are all headed to America.

Appearing on The Highwire, with host Del Bigtree, Yon cites the shortages of fertilizer and nitrogen in the food supply worldwide, and human osmotic pressure, which he describes as the push and the pull of migration. Here’s more.

Juan O. Savin: Drug Cartels

Juan O. Savin tells David “Nino” Rodriguez that the drug cartels that have manipulated South America and Central America elections with laundered money for decades, might well be setting up shop in America!

Savin says that arguably on the low side, 600,000 people have been killed by the drug wars in Mexico, but it’s actually closer to 1 billion. “That’s right next door to us,” Savin says. “Do you think that’s going to stay on the other side of the border? You’ve got the drug lords moving out of Mexico and living in their houses here across the Southwest of America.” He explains further, gives his take on the Democrats’ Jan. 6 Committee dropping the Trump subpoena and says 2023 is the year of the whistleblower.

Women’s-Only Bohemian Grove

Why do a few hundred rich women meet every year in the Central American nation of Belize? Turns out these women are trying to create their own version of Bohemian Grove. Mark Dice explains.

Real Horror On Southern Border

Investigative reporter Sara Cater reports that the real horror of the southern border is the human trafficking and child-organ harvesting.

Speaking exclusively to Carter in Central America, a human smuggler says the cartels harvest children’s organs, then fill the corpse with drugs for trafficking. He says juvenile organs usually fetch high prices for cartels.

“In many cases, they just have the children there and they have a purpose, and only they know what purpose they’re going to serve,” the trafficker said. “But, yeah, they are just going to keep them there and the children are not going to be free ever again.” Here’s Carter’s report, courtesy of Indicrat.


Rampant Border Sex Trafficking

Sara Carter reports that Biden Administration policies are boosting the sex trafficking nightmare on the border.

She welcomes anti-sex trafficking activist Rosi Orozco to discuss the growing crisis, where women and children are being trafficked throughout Central America and the United States to be raped by customers while the cartels rake in big money. Here are the details, plus an update on how little the Biden Administration is doing to solve the chaos.

People Of The Serpents

There are signs of otherworldly beings everywhere in the ancient world. Were these gods or beings from elsewhere?

Freddy Silva has studied many of these signs, from ancient Egypt to the Americas. From petroglyphs to standing stones and temples, he explains that the wisdom found with the symbols of serpent people are keys to humanity’s ascension. He reveals that the home of these ancient beings may have been the astronomical region we now call Orion. More from Gaia and Zohar StarGate.



Biden Dismantles The Border

America had safe and secure borders when President Donald Trump left office, but Joe Biden has dismantled the borders and removed the protections to America. As a result, we’re not only now taking an overflow of illegal aliens from Central and South America. We’re taking the absolute worst refugees from those states, hardened criminals and MS-13 gang members. Here, President Trump discusses the rapid changes along the border in an address Saturday night in Sarasota, Florida, presented by Newsmax TV.

Here is another excerpt from Trump’s Florida speech, where he wonders aloud “who’s controlling Joe Biden?” The secondary question, “Is it even Joe pretending to be President?”

Kamala Gets Testy

It’s been more than a month since President Biden named VP Kamala Harris as border czar, yet she’s yet to come within a stone’s throw of the area, much less the Northern Triangle in Central America, where she vowed to solve the southern border crisis.

So when Harris traveled to New Hampshire, rather than the border, over the weekend, she received some backlash from conservative media. And Harris didn’t take too kindly to a pointed question from a local TV reporter, who asked why she didn’t travel to the southern border instead of visiting New Hampshire. As expected, a testy Harris delivered a juvenile response: “I’m not going to play political games.”

Meanwhile, 17,000 juveniles are jammed into Biden’s border cages, which Harris called “progress.” Funny how she didn’t think that way during the Trump Administration, when the number of immigrants was considerably lower. Here’s more with Gary Franchi and Next Network News.

Border Crossing Bribery Eyed

Joe Biden’s presidential administration is so inept he’s now considering bribery as a means to stem illegal immigration. That’s right.

Under one plan, the Biden team would make cash payments to Central American residents in return for their promise not to make the illegal trek. Just how stupid and inane can the Democrats get? More from Tim Pool.

Mexican Caravan Opens Fire

The Central Americans taking part in the caravan crossing Mexico have opened fire on Mexican cops, signaling they mean business and will exert violence, if needed, to reach the United States. All the more reason for President Donald Trump to send the military to greet these invaders. Dustin Nemos reports, and also provides a useful update on much of the day’s news.

Dinesh D’Souza talks about the Mexican caravans and President Donald Trump’s huge rally in Houston for Sen. Ted Cruz. D’Souza attended that rally and shares his observations on its significance.

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Finally, a crowd of nearly 7,000 migrants are moving from Honduras, currently in Mexico and on their way to the U.S. border. President Trump says he will not allow them in and the situation is once again becoming a huge political debate over immigration. But immigration is only a symptom of the actual problem.

Reality Check, if you want to debate the actual problem then you have to talk about US foreign policy in Honduras and Central American countries for over the last 100 years that has led to this migrant crisis. Other media is going to ignore it but we’re not. Ben Swann gives it a reality check.

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