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The Truth Will Blow Your Mind!

Derek Johnson, U.S. veteran, country music artist and public speaker, joins James Red Pills America on Uncensored Truth TV to blow the lid off the lies globalists have put forward.

Johnson pulls the veil off the propaganda we’ve been fed regarding military law, our elections and whether Donald J. Trump is still the U.S. president, plus more. Here’s the interview.


WW3 Scare Imminent!

New Intel! WW3 scare imminent! False flags coming! Graphene oxide, self-assembling, nanobot parasites! Operation London Bridge ties into everything! Positive entities! Nesara/Gesara is real! Update on the kids! World common/ constitutional 1776 law!

Also touched upon: President Donald Trump’s rally in North Carolina and the rampant corruption surrounding Joe Biden and Hunter Biden. More from McAllister TV.

Addicted to Mob Violence?

America once placed high regard on fair trials and an honest judicial process. But in today’s world, Leftists now gravitate toward mob violence.

Some of it’s grounded on stupidity and bigotry. Some involves exercising the five-finger discount to snatch early Christmas presents. Some is being ginned up by the despotic Democrats. They remain in power through cheating and through veiled threats placed by their militants arms: Antifa and Black Lives Matter.

In the hours immediately after Kyle Rittenhouse was freed, multiple reports of looting occurred in Chicago. Additional reports, at this point unconfirmed, suggested the looting had spread to New York City and Los Angeles. Already, protests had been announced in Oakland, Portland, Seattle, Milwaukee and Philadelphia, among other sites. Here, Black Pigeon Speaks addresses this dangerous and tumultuous crisis.

Rittenhouse: Trial by jury, Constitutional LAW and We the People retain the power to save our nation. This is a SGT Special Report followed by Part 1 of my two-part interview with Dr. Dave Janda.

Chief Justice A Leaker

Conservative political commentator Mark Levin is not shy when it comes to his assessment of Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts. “He is enormously political and I believe he is a leaker,” Levin says.

It’s a major problem for nine justices who have to live with each other every day, cloistered in their own offices, and the obvious leaking that is present makes for a volatile workplace. Says Levin, “We’re seeing a complete breakdown of a civil society and a constitutional system!”

He examines an article in Newsweek by John Blackman, a Constitution law professor at South Texas College, who takes a deeper look at the disarray on the high court and says Roberts must step up or step off. Blackman also co-authored An Introduction to Constitutional Law: 100 Supreme Court Cases Everyone Should Know. Here’s more with Levin on Blaze TV.

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