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Kamala: Queen Bee Of Cringe

Next News Network reports that Kamala Harris, the Queen Bee of Cringe, added to her legacy with another cringe-worthy moment in northern California.

Addressing the state’s massive drought and reminiscing about similar conditions during her childhood in Oakland, Harris lets out what appears to be an uncontrollable cackle. Says host Gary Franchi, “What’s so funny about a drought?” Here’s his report.

Addicted to Mob Violence?

America once placed high regard on fair trials and an honest judicial process. But in today’s world, Leftists now gravitate toward mob violence.

Some of it’s grounded on stupidity and bigotry. Some involves exercising the five-finger discount to snatch early Christmas presents. Some is being ginned up by the despotic Democrats. They remain in power through cheating and through veiled threats placed by their militants arms: Antifa and Black Lives Matter.

In the hours immediately after Kyle Rittenhouse was freed, multiple reports of looting occurred in Chicago. Additional reports, at this point unconfirmed, suggested the looting had spread to New York City and Los Angeles. Already, protests had been announced in Oakland, Portland, Seattle, Milwaukee and Philadelphia, among other sites. Here, Black Pigeon Speaks addresses this dangerous and tumultuous crisis.

Rittenhouse: Trial by jury, Constitutional LAW and We the People retain the power to save our nation. This is a SGT Special Report followed by Part 1 of my two-part interview with Dr. Dave Janda.

Schools Bucking The System

Exciting things are suddenly happening in education. In some places, charter schools bucked the unions and got results, while in others, inner-city kids are doing well on benchmark tests.

John Stossel reports on the innovations at the Success Charter Network in New York and American Indian Public Charter School in Oakland, Calif. “Let’s destroy the system and create a system that serves kids,” says charter school director Deborah Kenny. Hurricane Katrina made that experiment possible by destroying much of New Orleans. Now 70 percent of New Orleans students attend charters, and they’re learning more. Here’s the rest of the story with Stossel.

Lefties Feel The Voodoo Sting

Remember how all summer Lefty protesters have been tearing down religious and historic statues all across America? Now those whining pissants get to taste their own bitter medicine.

They had erected a sculpture in Oakland, Calif., in honor of Breonna Taylor, the black woman from Louisville, Kentucky, who was accidentally shot in her apartment by a police officer. The only problem: Someone has now destroyed the Breonna Taylor sculpture. Needless to say, the Lefties are upset and howling over it! Takes one to know one! More from The Salty Cracker.



Kamala Harris Calls It Quits

Kamala Harris, one of the rising stars of the Democrat Party,  confirmed Tuesday that she is dropping out of the presidential race. Harris, who joined the run for the White House last summer  to much fanfare in her hometown of Oakland, cited lack of financial resources for her decision to leave the race.  CBS News’ Ed O’Keefe takes a look at her brief time on the campaign trail.

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Antifa Professor Gets Popped

Eric Clanton, 28, a former Diablo Valley and California State University philosophy professor suspected in the Antifa bike lock attacks, has been arrested for assault in Oakland.

Clanton is being held on $200,000 bail after being booked into Berkeley City Jail. Police have not said whether the arrest is connected to online investigative efforts that identified Clanton as a person of interest in bike lock attacks.

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