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Vandals Torch The Virgin Mary

Statues of the Virgin Mary are set on fire and vandalized. Three churches in one day are torched, all in the vicinity of Boston, Massachusetts. Tim Pool explores this latest wave of Leftwing violence.

Sanctuary Cities Are Over

Sanctuary cities have been flaunting American law for several years now, not only allowing, but encouraging illegal aliens to take up residence. Now, President Donald Trump is taking bold action to restore the rule of law across the nation — and, yes, even in these sanctuary cities. Now, tactical agents from the Border Patrol are beginning to arrest these aliens and deport them. It remains to be seen if this will turn the tide. Is this an election-year stunt, or a true sign that illegal aliens are no longer welcome? More from Dr. Steve Turley.

Here, Vincent James of The Red Elephants spells out more about the sanctuary cities operation. President Donald Trump isn’t just sending an ICE task force to these cities, but a task force composed of elite agents. They plan a massive crackdown against illegal aliens. Cities that will targeted include Chicago, New York, Boston, Houston, New Orleans, San Francisco and Detroit.


Coronavirus: Virus Politics

Mass infection is now happening. More than 15,000 have been infected. The first cases have been reported in New York City and Boston. In Wenzhou, there have been riots. Apple stores across China have closed. There are now several epicenters in China. It appears China is ordering cremations for all victims of the coronavirus who die. The disease is no longer doubling, but there’s still a substantial rise. Styxhexenhammer666 brings us this update. He urges listeners to do basic preparations. Have some food stocks in case supplies become scarce in your vicinity. Consider getting a camp stove if there’s a chance your electricity or gasoline is cut off.

In a video entitled Virus Politics, Ramzpaul looks into scientific research indicating the coronavirus might be much more of a problem for Asians than other peoples. He goes back in time to compare coronavirus to AIDs and how it impacted primarily gay men.

One caveat: In Germany, where the virus has now appeared, it’s spreading among European whites, so it might be premature to say only Asians will be impacted. It could be: They are more impacted, but others also can be impacted. We just don’t know enough yet.

Longtime friend of SGT Report Will Lehr from Perpetual Assets joins me to discuss the coronavirus and the impact it’s already having on global markets and the economy. Is the rapid spread of this “new” virus the black swan event that will bring down the global economic house of cards?

Corona Chan has doomed us all. But the mainstream media still defends and shills for China. More from Mr. Obvious.

If you want to see how backward a Communist regime can be, consider how China arrested and cracked down on the first doctors who tried to communicate with each other about coronavirus. These were not ordinary citizens spreading wild rumors, but physicians who spotted the first cases and were in a position to stop the spread of the virus when it was just getting started. Instead of backing them up, the regime detained them and forced them to sign confessions. Dumb Communists!

March on Google Aug. 19

We understand: Eric Schmidt’s Instagram girls must need more mansions. Is that why Diamond & Silk were demonetized? Yes, the two ladies behind President Donald Trump say 95 percent of their videos have been demonetized by the Google fascists. Time these racist liberal bastards learned a lesson. This is the United States, Mr. Schmidt, not some stinking gulag in Siberia. Screw you,, and every member of your propaganda team at Google/YouTube.

(EDITOR’S NOTE: Blessed their pointed heads, but the censors at YouTube have killed this video, So shocking! So we have an alternative: Diamond and Silk interviewed by Will Johnson.)

We have yet to see a Diamond & Silk video reacting to YouTube’s fascist funny-business, but I doubt they will ever top this report on Bikers for Hillary.

Looks there will be five different rallies, all from 1-3 pm on Aug. 19. The marches will take place at Google headquarters in Mountain View, Calif.; as well as their branch offices in New York, Boston, Washington, D.C.; and Austin, Texas. Stay tuned, as additional locations could be announced over the next couple of days. Here is the website to find out more:

Meanwhile, Paul Joseph Watson from InfoWars says he is calling it quits. Of course, he doesn’t say he is going to stop making videos, just not on YouTube. Let’s hope conservative alternatives arise soon. Google has shown itself to be as ugly and despicable as any American media company. Hope they get their asses busted in a massive anti-trust suit. Their actions in regards YouTube represent some of the worst forms of fascism we have ever seen in America. It simply can not be tolerated any longer. As big as they are, Google must be defeated.

Saw this photograph that truly captures what’s happening as Google transforms from an hi-tech information company into a goon squadron of Nazis.

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