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Ben Swann! Satanic Rituals!

Videos that were censored and are gone forever? No!

Here, see the lost Ben Swann Pizzagate video! Hollywood Satanic rituals! Reddit Cannibals! There’s something about the moon! George Carlin! How to use OK.RU. More from McAllister TV.


Power’s Court Jesters

The fusion of politics, news, and entertainment has given prominence to comics like Jimmy Kimmel, Stephen Colbert, Seth Meyers and Bill Maher, who serve as attack dogs for the Democratic Party, which has joined forces with the establishment wing of the old Republican Party against Donald Trump and his supporters.

By belittling Trump and his followers, these comics feed the smug, self-righteousness of the ruling establishment, bolstering their sense of moral and intellectual superiority. All the while, they remain comfortably constrained by the corporations and advertisers that employ them.

They function as court jesters, never questioning the right of the rulers to rule or the terrible social injustices built into a rigged system. They serve as attack dogs for establishment power, directing their comedic barbs at critics of the system, even if these critics come from the left.

Comedian and political commentator Lee Camp joins The Chris Hedges Report to discuss the transformation of comedy from an art form rooted in the counterculture to one that has largely become a megaphone for power. Here’s more from The Real News Network.

Carlin: The 10 Commandments

In one of his most popular performances, the late and great George Carlin explains why The 10 Commandments is a political document, artificially inflated to sell better. He has the audience rolling in the aisles, when he infuses his own revisions onto the list in this journey into the lighter side of life. Video courtesy of Hajul Ellah.


Remember: The System Is Rigged. EyeDropMedia drops its latest creation, drawing upon the words of George Carlin.

Nostalgic Uncensored Comedy

Remember when jokes were funny? Remember a time before virtue-signaling social justice and censorship?  In this segment of the lighter side of life, Devon takes us back to a time of pre-political correctness and nostalgic, uncensored comedy, free from today’s army of wokeness.

Carlin Tackles Cultural Issues

The late George Carlin, often dubbed the dean of counterculture comedy, was a master at his craft. He was at his best when infusing social critique into his stand-up. In the following HBO special at the New York City Beacon Theater in March 1996, Carlin wows the audience with his take on a variety of cultural issues in this slice of the lighter side of life. Video courtesy of Anders Jacobsson.

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Ghislaine Maxwell Denied Bail

Ghislaine Maxwell has been denied bail by an Obama-appointed judge. Who would have thought? Also POTUS remarks on Epstein for a refresher. Andrew Weissman needs to be investigated. Henry Davis on why he’s (not) voting for Biden. Creepy Joe’s new plan for kids and the New York Times loses an editor over cancel culture. More from RedPill78.

The [Deep State]/Mainstream Media event is about to come crashing down. The numbers are manipulated and the truth is being revealed. Ghislaine Maxwell has been indicted and denied bail. Court date set for 2021. The first event is now falling apart and the [DS] cannot stop it. The people are now seeing through the lies and manipulation. It is time to unmask. Trump sent out Law and Order, again letting everyone know that something just happened. More from the X22 Report.

This is a SGT Report micro-documentary. The past is prologue. It provides context for where we find ourselves today. And the “big club”, as George Carlin coined it, is far more vast and deeply rooted in evil than we could have ever imagined.

The absolute truth about the law today is its toothlessness. Juries and justices do what they will while ordinary folks watch in horror as the anarchy roars louder with each passing day.  But don’t despair.  The Left doesn’t have any answers. And just when it’s time to vote, they’ll be out of ammo. They are the cancel culture, a toxic online trend that is destroying their own. And The silent majority, behind masks and subjected to sheep status, has had enough. More from Lori Colley.

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Did Ghislaine Maxwell have backdoor access to US intelligence data collecting? Was she in a position to use this access for blackmail purposes? More from JustInformed Talk.

Germs And The Immune System

How do you keep germs away? You make sure your immune system has practice defending against them. Here, the late George Carlin discusses how he always stayed healthier than his neighbors. His secret: He practically bathed in crap. He didn’t shy away from pathogens like the coronavirus. He stared this junk down and arm-wrestled the germs in his own defense.

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Politicians and Words

Ever notice how politicians speak for hours, but never really say anything. They have a lexicon all their own. Legendary comedian George Carlin said it best, “It’s fun to listen to Washington talk. They don’t read, they review; they don’t have positions, they take positions; and they don’t give advice, they make recommendations.” Carlin breaks down Washington speak in this episode of Zoosolo Mo Hambone.

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Things You Never See Or Hear

Enjoy the incomparable comedy of the late, great George Carlin articulating the things we never see or hear, as only he can.

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