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Gutfeld Zings Chris Wallace

Fox News host Greg Gutfeld delivered a rousing gut-punch to veteran TV anchor Chris Wallace over the recent failure of CNN+, which was canceled after less than a month in operation. Wallace had earlier left Fox News after 18 years to host the new CNN venture.

Next News Network’s Rick Crankshaw reports that Gutfeld had a field day during an episode of “The Five,” Fox, delivering zinger after zinger to Wallace. Here’s more.

CNN+ Did Not Kill Itself

CNN+ was canceled so fast, I didn’t even have time to cringe. More from RazorFist.

CNN+ Going Out Of Business

Bad news for Chris Wallace and CNN and even worse news for the Biden Crime family! More from RedPill78.

Is She Really Michael Jackson?

Has Michael Jackson returned as the discombobulated Nancy Pelosi? In other words, is the House Drinker the King of Pop? Chris Wallace ponders the possibilities. More from The United Spot.

Wallace Back With Own Kind

Liberal Hivemind reports veteran news anchor Chris Wallace is finally where he belongs, joining his establishment, fake news brothers and sisters. In a not-so-surprising move over the weekend, Wallace announced to his Fox News viewers that he’s leaving the network for uber-liberal CNN.

“He’s finally with his own kind,” says Liberal Hivemind. “He’s joined a network that fits him absolutely perfectly. Good riddance, I tell you. You are exactly where you belong.” The news went viral on Twitter, where liberals dominated the discourse with untruths. Here’s more of Liberal Hivemind’s take.

Nobody Was Expecting This

Chris Wallace leaves Fox…for CNN. Now, will Fox hire Chris Cuomo? Inquiring minds want to know. More from The United Spot.

Deep Cleaning In Progress

The [Deep State] is panicking. The puppet masters are not in control. The patriots are and the [Deep State] is doing exactly what the patriots want. The pandemic is failing. This is why they are making a final push to get everyone vaccinated before the new test. Tick tock. It’s not going to work.

Election fraud is now being exposed and those who committed the fraud are panicking. The [Deep State] is not building the narrative for the riots that are coming. Antifa cell arrested. Mapping started a long time ago. What we are witnessing is the deep cleaning in the progress. More from the X22 Report.


Fox News Cancels Lou Dobbs

Fox News has now canceled Lou Dobbs, conservative host of a popular nightly program on Fox Business News. When news stations begin canceling popular hosts, you know they are not responding to the usual market conditions, but instead, pushing forward with rampant political censorship.

This has become a hallmark of Fox News since they retained Paul Ryan, former Speaker of the House, as a board member. How do we characterize Paul Ryan? A discredited weasel who is almost as dirty and crooked as the upper-echelon Democratic leaders like Nancy Pelosi or Chuck Schumer. He’s part of an anachronistic, American political class that needs to be weeded out, like a patch of poison ivy.

We wish Lou Dobbs the best of luck.  We hope he lands somewhere else to carry on the good fight. If not, at least he went out in style, holding his head high and not giving in to chumps like Ryan.

Fox News and Fox Business News will no longer remain trustworthy or believable sources, now that they remain in the hands of Paul Ryan as well as the scum-sucking class of journalists he seems to have engendered, like Bret Baier or Chris Wallace. This confirms: Time to move along and seek out more credible, alternative sources.

Why did Paul Ryan strike against Lou Dobbs? Probably has something to do with Dobbs’ recent call for Mitt Romney and Mitch McConnell to be impeached as support has collapsed for another Senate trial of former President Donald Trump. Here’s more from Steve Turley.

Even North Korea — officially known as the DPRK or Democratic People’s Republic of Korea — took a jab at Fox News. Saps!


Listen to Brian Stelter, CNN’s chief media correspondent, advocating censorship. Of course, Stelter never calls it censorship. Instead, he beats around the bush, advocating conservatives get silenced, but never calling it censorship. In other words, he’s so typical of the Leftist pundits. He’s trying to preserve the delusion that what he’s pushing isn’t amoral. More from Sinatra Says.

Newsmax Poised to Survive?

Tim Pool and Michael Malice discuss the rising fortunes of Newsmax. As conservatives begin to reject Fox News and its biased coverage, many are turning to Newsmax as their preferred alternative. How many viewers are leaving Fox? Some of their shows, including Bret Baier and Neil Cavuto, have seen drops surpassing 50 percent. Even the most popular shows, like Tucker Carlson, have seen declines averaging around 33 percent. Is this a short-term blip or a long-term trend? Is the Fox brand damaged beyond repair? Will the network be forced to jettison Cavuto or, say, Chris Wallace? Pool and Malice assess the fallout.

Meanwhile, scores of Democratic honchos and Hollywood Leftists changed their Twitter handles to black-and-white today, removing most traces of color. Are they giving away their status as a Death Cult or what? Perhaps some comms? If so, what might they be telegraphing?


The Arrogant Media

Once upon a time, curiosity was the hallmark of a good reporter. Those days are gone. Today’s media are consumed with ideology, wealth, power and fame, and their anger is squarely aimed at conservatives.

In the following clip, Newsmax anchor Greg Kelly features some of the media’s most recognizable on-air talent, whom he calls the most arrogant people in the world, including a pair of Trump-hating media types on Fox News, once the bastion of the conservatism. He also digs into the looming legal challenges to the 2020 Presidential election and the overwhelming evidence of fraud that has been collected by President Trump’s sharp-witted legal team.

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