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Illuminati Satanic Sex Rituals

The truth about the satanic rituals of the elite that controls our world. A masked ball is actually an Illuminati ritual. An Illuminati sex ritual for that matter. Masked balls are a common tradition nowadays, but very few people know the origin and the sick rituals that transcended the masked ball.

The Masons believed they would live forever by raping and sacrificing little children to the gods. Every time they did it, they believed they steal some of the child’s pure energy. This was only another secret ritual of the Illuminati. This documentary takes a look at some of the conspiracy theories, mysteries, energies, magic and much more.

The Illuminati have been a secret society for centuries, but in the last several years, it seems like their secrets are slowly being revealed one by one. Their sex rituals are just one of the many secrets. More from the Awakening World.

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Persian Occult Mysticism

Demons, genies (jinn), and disincarnate spirits permeate ancient occult traditions in the Middle East and neighboring countries. An early 20th-century Persian manuscript on magic and astrology provides a glimpse into this mystical world with dozens of watercolor illustrations of metaphysical and otherworldly creatures, and a book of spells listing incantation and talismans from pre-Islamic Iran, Arabian Peninsula, and Egypt. More from Robert Sepehr, author and anthropologist.

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Behind Their Gender Inversions

Here, we learn how the Satanists plan to exterminate the bulk of the human race. They plan to allow only about 10 percent of the population to survive. These MK Ultra victims can be controlled entirely by the Satanists and used for sexual rites or other rituals, ultimately including cannibalism.

Don’t believe us? See how Hollywood came to be, and the mystical role played by holly wood wands in working magical spells. McAllister TV gets into Satanic mind control, and explores realities you will never see discussed in your history books. This includes the real reasons behind the gender inversions so commonplace among the Satanists.


The Queen’s Magician

Born in 1527, John Dee was an English alchemist, astrologer, philosopher, and exceptional mathematician who entered Cambridge University when he was just fifteen years old. Dee eventually became astrologer to queen Mary Tudor, and an advisor to Queen Elizabeth. Dee also recommended that England adopt the Gregorian calendar, but at that time the Anglican church refused.…

Mysticism is the practice of religious ecstasies, together with whatever ideologies, ethics, rites, myths, legends, and magic may be related to them. Channeling is a natural form of communication between humans and angelic beings, nature spirits, non-physical entities.

Enochian magic is a system of ceremonial magic based on the evocation and commanding of various spirits. It is based on the 16th-century writings of John Dee and Edward Kelley, who claimed that their information, including the revealed Enochian language, was delivered to them directly by various angels.  More from Robert Sepehr.

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A Brief History of Witches

Throughout the early modern period, the English term “witch” was not exclusively negative in meaning, and could also indicate practitioners of folk medicine, folk magic, and divination, often involving out-of-body experiences and travelling through the realms of a hidden or “other-world”. Robert Sepehr is an author, producer and independent anthropologist.

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Magic With a Twist of Comedy

Sevak Dasadarian, who produced this video, tags it “World’s Funniest Magic Show,” starring Welsh comedians Binsey and Blondie. Take a gander and you make the call. Be sure and revisit LOL next Tuesday for another taste of the lighter side of life.

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