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Dalton School: Bizarre Sex Links

Some of you might have heard the uproar over a posh prep school on New York City’s Upper East Side where a sex-education teacher, Justine Ang Fonte, was showing porn films to 1st graders, both boys and girls, teaching them the glories of masturbation.

But what you might not know is that this same school, The Dalton School, hired Jeffrey Epstein to teach science and math in the 1970s.

Furthermore, Epstein was hired by then headmaster Donald Barr, the father of Donald Trump’s Attorney General William Barr.

McAllister TV focuses on these bizarre connections in a new video. Also covered: Coco Chanel and the Cannibal Club! Joe Biden’s crazy mask! Gender inversions! A wolfman video!



Everything You Know Is A Lie!

Dilara Esengil, Hollywood entertainment lawyer, returns to McAllister TV to discuss the bundle of lies engulfing everything we know. The Hollywood stars, for instance, aren’t stars at all but just sexually inverted clones.

Now, we are seeing clones and hybrids outside Hollywood. People are talking about the latest incarnations of Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden. Neither looks the same as they used to, and Nancy keeps getting younger all the time. Are we facing the same politicians or knock-offs?

Now, we’re seeing more deadly lies. Was there an attempt to use covid as a weapon for mass extinction? What exactly was the plan to harvest humanity? Is Elon Musk 70 percent AI tech?

Some are complaining that it’s taking too long, but remember: Crumbs are easy to swallow. If you try to soak up an entire ocean all at once, you’ll drown.

The Woke Guide To Gender

You thought biological sex existed? You poor, unsophisticated sap! More from FreedomToons.

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They Farm Us Like Meat!

DILARA ESENGIL! HOLLYWOOD MONSTERS! MAXWELL’S SUBMARINE! ANDROGYNE FREAKS! UNDERGROUND BASES! WE ARE NOT ALONE! Here is concluding video in McAllister TV’s into The Unknown interview with Dilara Esengil, Hollywood attorney and former prosecutor.

Hollywood’s Gender Inversions

Dilara Esengil! Hollywood Inversions! Hollywood Assassins! Hollywood Weirdness! Weird Feet. What’s up with Hollywood, ya’ll? More talk of clones, the CIA and Reptilian eyes from McAllister TV.

This is part one of their conversation. Please return Monday for the concluding video.

Attack of the Dumbasses!

Part TWO of my interview with The Sarge, from ICONS2020 (on Rumble)! We talk about GENDER INVERSIONS! The DUMBASS, POD-PEOPLE, GOD being IN CONTROL…The Alliance CLEAN UP… GREATNESS IS COMING! More from McAllister TV.

Hollywood Reptilians Exist!

Hey Guys! My interview with Dilara Esengil, California Attorney, MAGA Patriot, Fighter For The CHILDREN and much much more! We talk about the Reptilians in Hollywood, child trafficking, archons, CIA underground bases, gender inversions, as well as archons and duality. Strap on your seat belts and prepare for a bumpy ride. More from McAllister TV.

Satanic Gender Inversions

It’s close encounters of the gen_der_inverted kind. McAllister TV examines Hollywood, where boys are not always boys, and girls are not always girls. Sort them out, and knowing the differences, can be quite the challenge.

Behind Their Gender Inversions

Here, we learn how the Satanists plan to exterminate the bulk of the human race. They plan to allow only about 10 percent of the population to survive. These MK Ultra victims can be controlled entirely by the Satanists and used for sexual rites or other rituals, ultimately including cannibalism.

Don’t believe us? See how Hollywood came to be, and the mystical role played by holly wood wands in working magical spells. McAllister TV gets into Satanic mind control, and explores realities you will never see discussed in your history books. This includes the real reasons behind the gender inversions so commonplace among the Satanists.


Youth Pole Dancing

The country that Ronald Reagan once called a shining city on a hill has now devolved into a bastion of moral depravity, with LQBTQ propaganda being shoved down the throats of our youths, cities voting to legalize child prostitution and children being forced by judges to change their gender against the will of their parents.

Yet another form of the sexual grooming of children is carrying on undisturbed under the guise of “education” and “art,” and it’s almost too sickening to believe: “Youth pole dancing.”

No, this isn’t satire. Parents are really marching their tweens and teens over to the local pole dance studio to learn a style of “dancing,” if you must call it that, commonly associated with strip clubs and peep shows. David Zublick unseals the horrible truth in this special report!


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