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Teigen Slips Into Teen’s DM

Chrissy Teige swore off Twitter in an attempt to begin to reclaim her reputation. But, of course, that was a lie.

She’s already back on the platform, encouraging a teen to kill herself in a Twitter DMS. Teigen, you’re one deranged, beached whale Leftist! She ought to be promoting Whoopi Goldberg’s seances! More from The Salty Cracker.

Survivor Naming Pedophiles

How come vicious, pedophile protectors like Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar are on television shows like The View? Is it because the show’s network ABC is itself under the control of pedophiles, child traffickers and their friends?

Here, watch as these vile, ugly, deranged Leftists peddle their totalitarian nonsense and seek to destroy anyone who might challenge the pedophiles. It’s time to call their bluff.  Turn off your TVs. No one should waste any time listening to, or watching, this kind of propaganda. More from Angela Stanton King, better known through her Instagram handle @xoOdyssey.



Ben Shapiro Savages Whoopi

Whoopi Goldberg’s post-election diatribe was nothing more than the same old divisive rhetoric that Democrats have been spewing since Donald J. Trump assumed the presidency in 2017. Nothing but blatant lies.

Her most egregious proclamation was that since Joe Biden was declared the winner of the 2020 election, Republicans had to “suck it up” just like Democrats did after Trump won. Excuse me? Guess Whoopi forgot about the numerous anti-Trump protests, the Democrat Party’s obsession with Russia, Russia, Russia, the impeachment trial, the Mueller probe and on and on.

“In what way did Democrats suck it up when Trump won,” says political commentator Ben Shapiro. “We have four long years of you whining that Trump wasn’t the actual President of the United States–not hashtag not my President, the women’s march and, in the aftermath Trump winning, we got huge Black Lives Matter protests throughout the summer and the idea that President Trump was the fountainhead of systemic racism. At what point did Democrats come to terms that President Trump had won? They never came to terms.”

Watch Shapiro continue his dump on Goldberg in this episode of The Tatum Report.

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Angry Mop Head

Whoopi Goldberg tells Trump supporters they better “suck it up!” Why, Whoopi? Your man, Joe Biden, hasn’t even won yet, so why should we suck up anything. President Donald Trump is challenging Biden’s crooked vote counts and we’ll see how Trump fares in court before we react. In the meantime, why would we be silent when you Lefties did nothing but whine for the past four years? More from The Salty Cracker.

Roman Polanski Accused Again

The disgusting, child-raping friend of Whoopi Goldberg — the disgraced fugitive film director Roman Polanski — has been accused of rape once again, this time by a French actress. Vincent Vendetta covers the charges in his weekend show, which also delves into: Emma Watson, Don Jr. on The View and Brexit (which still hasn’t happened). News Articles include: The Traitor who became a Sir (The Crown & Sir Anthony Blunt). Swedish Government funding Drag Queen Project. Warning! This show may cause snowflakes to melt!

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Pressure is building for President Donald Trump to fulfill a campaign promise to crack down on pornography. This follows a new study showing porn not only ruined the patriarchy, but destroyed the West. More from Vincent James of The Red Elephants.


His Debut on The View

President Donald Trump makes his triumphant debut on The View. Whoopi Goldberg boycotts the appearance. More from The United Spot.

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Whoopi on the Dark Side

Fat, ugly Whoopi Goldberg screams at Judge Jeanine Pirro on The View. Not too surprising considering Goldberg isn’t just a Liberal, but one on the cliff of the darkest chasm around. Screw you, ABC, for subjecting us to such doctrinaire Leftism and surrounding this bitch with so many hardcore Extremists, including Joy Behar. After being told she had Trump Derangement Syndrome, Goldberg ended the segment prematurely and kicked Pirro off the show. It’s time The View was taken off the air — not only are these women out of touch with what most Americans believe, they are truly rotten degenerates, unfit to appear on daily television. More from The Western Journal.

Here, Jeanine Pirro talks with Sean Hannity about her rude treatment on The View with Whoopi Goldberg descending down upon her and telling her to “get the fuck out of the building.” As long as The View remains on ABC, and keeps Goldberg as a host, we aren’t going to watch any shows on that Satan-spawned channel. Whoopi, you have worn out your welcome. How were you ever cast in Sister Act when you don’t have the slightest clue how to behave? You’re nothing but a demon-shrieking witch. More from Fox News.

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Most of the media has ignored the dust-up, but it has generated some press, such as this coverage by Ben Shapiro from The Daily Caller. Would be nice to see more of the press join the public in calling for the removal of this deranged Leftist psycho.

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Judge Pirro on The View

Judge Jeanine Pirro delivered her opening statement Saturday night on the Fox News Channel, discussing her abrupt appearance earlier in the week on The View. That is, before she was summarily kicked off by the fat and repugnant Liberal Whoopi Goldberg, a longtime host on The View. We will give the judge credit — she showed a lot more class Saturday than the slovenly and deranged Goldberg.

Goldberg is not just a Liberal, but a raving radical who really has no business appearing on daily television. The fault, in that case, isn’t Goldberg’s, but the ABC TV network, whose executives should have fired Goldberg a long time ago. Of course, Joy Behar is even more obnoxious, so we’re not sure the show itself should survive.

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Whuppaz on Whoopi

Diamond and Silk have opened a can of whuppaz on one of the Liberals’ lame agitators, The View host Whoppi Goldberg. Goldberg, ever the “erudite” commentator, suggested President Donald Trump should be waterboarded. Check out the Diamond and Silk response here. They might not be as rich or as famous as Whoopi, but that scruffy skank is just not in the same class as Diamond and Silk. More from Fox News.

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Antifa Is All a Mirage

Yes, that’s Whoopi Goldberg’s argument. She says the violent Leftist radicals who’ve been leading attacks in cities across the country are all just a mirage — a figment of conservatives’ imagination. Tucker Carlson reacts to the dust-up with an assist from Kurt Schlicter of

(EDITOR’S NOTE: This video has disappeared from YouTube, but Tucker Carlson and Whoopi Goldberg are still at odds.)

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