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Klavan Flees Sleazy California

Conservatives keep dropping like flies, leaving behind the hellhole that has swallowed up almost all of California. Dave Rubin and Michael Jaco left over the past couple of years. This year, Adam Carolla and now Andrew Klavan have joined the exodus.

Here, Rubin of The Rubin Report talks to Klavan about his new book A Strange Habit of Mind and why you shouldn’t move to California. Klavan discusses what the final straw was that caused him to say “Goodbye California.”

He touches upon how the cost of living in California is destroying the middle class, how the progressive policies of Democrats like Gavin Newsom created California’s homelessness crisis and why liberals don’t make any connection between the policies they support and the California crime wave.

Who’s Fault Is It?

House Drinker Nancy Pelosi fields questions from homeless and struggling Americans, unable to pay rising gasoline and food bills or afford their own homes. It’s all  Vladimir Putin’s fault, she charges. She doesn’t have a lot else to say. It might interfere with her tea time. More from The United Spot.

No Heart In San Francisco

 Michelle Tandler, founder of Life School in San Francisco, tweets that 8,000 people sleeping in the rain in a city that has a $13 billion annual budget looks like “the least compassionate city on the planet.” How should conservatives respond when progressives awaken to evidence that their ideology creates the harsh reality of a hellscape like San Francisco?

Tune into the Right Angle crew of Stephen Green, Scott Ott and special guest, Alfonzo Rachel, sitting in for Bill Whittle, for a lively discussion.

Homelessness Solved

if any of you know how we can go about implementing this business, please inquire. More from Ryan Long.

Cancelling Homeless People!

They need to be held accountable too, ok? More from FreedomToons.

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Biden Cowering In Fear Again

A stray fire at a homeless camp sent the Joe Biden inauguration team scrambling again. So once more, there was not an inauguration rehearsal. These idiots are seeing shadows everywhere they turn. Is Biden so big of a puppet he has no foundation? Is he so racked with fears that he can never face the world? Just who occupies his nightmares — Trump supporters or perhaps the dark denizens of the Cabal, whose evils he fully understands? More from The Salty Cracker.

Like Nothing We’ve Ever Seen

This week promises to be like nothing we’ve ever seen before. Look for tumultuous surprises coming out of Washington DC, as  President Donald Trump rallies his supporters and fights back against the cheating, swindling, election-stealing Democrats. More from Steve Turley.

Project Veritas has had its staff undercover for the past several months in Georgia to document election fraud. Monday, the team released its first video of an address in Fulton County, Georgia, where thousands upon thousands of homeless individuals are registered to vote. The address belongs to the Central Outreach and Advocacy Center in Atlanta.

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A Look At The Portland Disaster

Wranglerstar used to live on the eastern side of Portland, the area that has been the site of so much Antifa and Black Lives Matter rioting this summer. He says the city used to be special with some of the best dining to be found anywhere. But not anymore.

What we see today is a disaster, a neighborhood full of trash and tents, packed with homeless bums. The Democrats running cities like Portland and Seattle should all be taken to the woodsheds, and have their asses kicked. What a party of panty-wasted communists!

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New York: Down The Crapper

New York has always flirted with disaster. After the first bowery went south, we saw an expanding red-light district and ghettos. But Mayor Rudy Guiliani cleaned those up,  leaving New York City looking nice and feeling safe for residents as well as tourists.

Not Mayor Bill De Blasio. His reign has led to rapid growth in crime as well as homelessness. The man has transformed New York City into a veritable shithole. New York might as well have The Joker or Riddler as mayor. More from Styxhexenhammer666.

Meanwhile, in Chicago, looters allowed to rampage by Mayor Lori Lightfoot attacked a Ronald McDonald House while terminally ill children and their parents were inside. Someone should ask Lightfoot: Who do you represent? You’re the slob putting these children in harm’s way by your failure to quell Chicago’s riots. Are you a mayor or just another skanky Socialist?

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Detroit Evergreen II

A few weeks back, Sir Patrick Mack of In Pursuit of Truth introduced us to the bizarre world of Detroit. Home of the world’s largest Masonic temple, Detroit also boasts an extensive network of underground tunnels. It was once a city built by automotive might. Now, it’s seemingly in the throes of a more clandestine operation, involving the theft of body parts, possibly from the homeless. Also, the city is dealing with the plight of missing children, some being pressed into the nefarious world of sex trafficking.

The [Deep State] is in trouble. Trump and the patriots have them where they want them. Assange in court. He is protected. He is the key. [AWAN] back in the news. Flynn in jail for 30 days and then sent free. More from the X22 Report.

House Rep. Adam Schiff, D-Calif., is balking at testifying in a Senate impeachment hearing. Otherwise, Cory Booker is abandoning his quest for the Presidency. Also, there are some truly juicy records pertaining to Jussie Smollett. More from RedPill78.

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The world is watching. That’s because on a global scale, Potus is returning power to the people. This is truly a sight to behold. More from And We Know.


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