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Aussies Punishing Unvaxxed

Though the Australian government relented in allowing unvaccinated educators back into the classroom, the action comes with a heavy price. The Aussies are levying massive paycuts on the teachers, which will last 18 weeks!. Here’s more of the craziness from The Jimmy Dore Show.


Real Leaders Stepping Up

Real leaders are stepping up to challenge the Covid-19 lies that the Leftists have pushed to keep all of us locked up and enslaved for the past two years. Here, watch powerful video exposure. Will indictments be forthcoming? Hold the line. Pray! More from And We Know.

A Warning From Smokey Bear

Remember: Only you can stop mass formation psychosis. In her new video, Amazing Polly talks about the ways people deal with guilt/blame in individualist vs collectivist societies. Very interesting findings in the latter half!

In this episode, we cover the latest push for war with Russia as Joe Biden and his media/intel minions begin to foment anger using mass formation psychosis and propaganda to cover up for Joe’s own domestic policy failures and criminally corrupt family. Meanwhile, the Jan. 6 committee is trying to coerce Big Tech goons into doxxing a bunch of MAGA moms for starting an “iNsUrreCtIoN.” A racist leftist “news” anchor joins guest in calling for denying medical care to the unvaxxed, and much more news from JustInformed Talk.

Blue State Internment Camps

Legislation is moving swiftly through Blue States to crack down on the unvaccinated. Infowars’ Alex Jones reports that Democratic governors are prepared to detain the unvaxxed in Covid camps for their behavior. He says those who don’t get vaccinated or protest the legislation will be put in camps. “It’s in the bills,” he says.

Even scarier, Jones says, children will be taken from healthy parents and placed in “shields,” much like what’s going on in parts of Europe and Australia. Here’s more on BANNED.VIDEO.

Macron’s Insane Remarks

French Premier Emmanuel Macron vows to “piss off” the unvaccinated. This comes after Canada’s prime minister Justin Trudeau expressed his intolerance for the unvaccinated. Make no mistake about it, these “so-called” leaders have gone off the deep end. More from Paul Joseph Watson.

Here’s a double dose of Paul Joseph Watson. In this second video, he turns his attention to Australia and its persecution of tennis star Novak Djokavic. It’s a show trial. The Victorian government granted Djokavic an exemption to travel to Australia, so the government now is simply displaying its abject tyranny.


Think George Washington

The [Deep State] is now starting a war on the unvaccinated. Their narrative is falling apart and the only thing left to do is use all available ammunition to push their agenda. The people know their playbook. It’s the same playbook they used in 2020. This push is failing and they know it.

Dan Scavino sends messages. The offensive begins in the New Year. It’s timeĀ  to take back the country. Think George Washington and John Durham. The people are ready. They have reached the precipices. Change is coming. Justice is coming. More from the X22 Report.


The Era Of Deceit

Viva Frei’s David Freiheit says we are constantly being lied to in real time and the establishment is hoping we don’t find out about it.

The latest bout of deceit, says Freiheit, is the reckless message from the White House, warning the unvaccinated that they’re facing “a winter of severe illness and death” if they don’t abide by the Biden Administration’s vaccine protocols.

Freiheit says he saw this screen grab on social media and couldn’t believe what he was reading. “I said there’s no way this could be real. There’s no way the President of the United States could approve a message, basically telling Americans that, unless you get vaccinated, you’re going to die a terrible death.” In the following edition of Viva Frei, Freiheit lashes out at the behavior, noting venerable institutions have been compromised.

No Fun Allowed

Liberals keep playing games with the coronavirus. Now, they are pushing the idea of punishing those who don’t get vaccinated.

Don Lemon of CNN believes the unvaccinated shouldn’t be able to go to hospitals. And Candace Owens is taking flack from libtards who don’t even think she should be eligible to have her testing done.

But receiving the vaccines doesn’t work, either. Boxer Oscar de la Hoya got vaccinated and now he’s recuperating in a hospital with coof. More from Mark Dice.

How People Can Wake Up

From the vaccinate to the unvaccinated: How people can wake up. More from Computing Forever.

Doctor Activists Stage Protest

75 “exhausted” doctors stage a protest against anti-experimental jabbers. The doctors walked out, angry over having to treat the unvaccinated. More from The Salty Cracker.

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