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Now They Want To Drone Us

The Leftists have gotten so deranged they now are debating whether or not to drone conservatives across America. We kid you not! Listen as these morons debate the drone attacks on MSNBC. It’s becoming the flagship channel for lunatic Leftists now that CNN is sinking into same treacherous waters now engulfing MSNBC. More from Luke Rudkowski at We Are Change.

Antifa Goes On A Rampage

You’d think the Leftists would be happy, but apparently not. Antifa is rioting, like crazy goons, once again in Portland and Seattle. Seems they didn’t want Joe Biden. They wanted “revenge.” More from Tim Pool, with guest commentary from Luke Rudkowski and others.

YouTube Goes Full Commie

In case you were wondering how much Communist China influences YouTube and the rest of the Silicon Valley Big Tech outfits, you can stop pondering the issue now. YouTube has now blatantly declared its backward, totalitarian intentions. It’s no longer an American corporation. It’s just a hackneyed mouthpiece for the Commies — not a fit platform for any American to post anything. Here’s one take, fromĀ  Styxhexenhammer666. He wonders: “Criticism of any other election meanwhile A-ok.”

Face it. China owns far too many U.S. leaders and corporations. There are traitors everywhere! We will have to weed them out. Nothing can stop this. More from McAllister TV.

Democrats caught hosting Chinese spies, triggering widespread calls for their resignations. More from Tim Pool with special guest Luke Rudowski.

The United States of America by and through its law enforcement and legislative tribunals and agencies refuses to do anything to affirmatively address blatant corruption, espionage, collusion and infiltration by, through and with the People’s Republic of China and CPC. Why?More from Lionel Nation.

New Ben Garrison cartoon lampoons California’s Eric Swalwell. He was belatedly removed Wednesday from the House Intelligence Committee.

China Building Super Soldiers

Tim Pool is joined by fellow YouTuber Luke Rudkowski (@WeAreChange ) to discuss China’s bizarre human gene-splicing attempts to develop a super-soldier.

Speaking of the Chinese, Tim Pool did a second report suggesting the Chinese have infiltrated the U.S. Democratic Party. A video shows a Chinese professor bragging that Joe Biden is compromised. Tucker Carlson initially broached the topic on Fox News. This comes as Axios reports on U.S. Rep. Eric Swalwell, D-Calif., and his ties with a Chinese spy named Christine Fang who worked for China’s Ministry of State Security.

The Aliens Walk Among Us

The former head of Israel’s security space program, Haim Eshed, says outer space aliens exist and live among us here on Earth, but they do not wish to be identified as of yet. He told an Israeli publication, “The aliens have asked not to announce that they are here, humanity is not ready yet.” Luke Rudowski from We Are Change wonders aloud if President Donald Trump might be preparing to disclose this earth-shaking news.

Speculation among UFO buffs has long centered on a population of aliens — the Greys — who made a pact with the U.S. military to exchange advanced space technologies and inventions in return for access to cattle — and humans — for genetic experiments. The onetime rash of cattle mutilations across Western states was tied to this speculation.



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