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Who Are The Grey Ebens?

Who are the Ebens? The term is shorthand for “Extraterrestrial Biological Entities.” The term made its first appearance in a report prepared in conjunction with a 1949 UFO crash site in New Mexico.

Here, UFOlogist  Linda Moulton Howe gives us an inkling of these bug-eyed creatures based on her many years of researching them, primarily in New Mexico, where cattle mutilations have been tied to appearances by extraterrestrials.

Howe also discusses her work with the late Leonard Stringfield, a Cincinnati man who served as director of Civilian Research, Interplanetary Flying Objects or CRIFO.

Needless to say, federal authorities have adamantly denied the veracity of Howe and Stringfield’s theories. But these same federal authorities have skirted the task of explaining UFO sightings, let alone outlining what has led to outbreaks of cattle mutilations. So the truth remains subject to interpretation. More from Zohar StarGate.


Was Earth Ruled By Aliens?

Researcher, author and journalist Linda Moulton Howe describes the strange phenomena of animal mutilations and technologically advanced underground bases in association with extraterrestrials. Linda lifts the lid on a number of suspected secrets in regards various extraterrestrial races. She describes two types of E.T.’s that she believes ruled our planet.

Underground War In Progress

Here is an update on DUMBs — otherwise known as Deep Underground Military Bases. The public knows about a few of these bases, for instance, the Cheyenne Mountain Complex near Colorado Springs in Colorado.

But there are many of these dark sites around the nation, bases that have gone undetected and unknown to the public. Some are small and compact, while others as large as cities, full of subterranean shafts and underground chambers.

In the worst of these bases, trafficked children have been kept and tortured, not only subjected to sexual abuse but often killed, even eaten by fiends. Now, the U.S. Marines and Army have been “cleaning out” these operations, spending more than $500 million to venture underground to destroy the DUMBs, rescue any captive children and return the rule of law across America.

Here’s a an update on these bases, and new units like the U.S. Army’s Asymmetric Warfare Group, along with Gene Decode and Rick Rene from B2T, or Blessed To Teach.

Here is a documentary describing the DUMBs program with an extensive interview with Linda Moulton Howe. She is an Albuquerque-based investigative journalist, well known for her research into cattle mutilations, conspiracy theories, UFOs and the DUMBs, including Dulce in New Mexico.

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In the modern battlefield, troops might have to fight an enemy in the vast subways and water systems underneath huge cities, or in the pitch-black tunnels guarding the North Korean defensive line. A new U.S. Army program aims to get them ready. From the Military Times.

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The Aliens Are Among Us

Investigative reporter and Ufologist Linda Moulton Howe claims there are three different species of aliens competing for our planet. Author of three books on conspiracy theories and her work on an Emmy-winning documentary, Howe has piqued the attention of government officials. She says one of the biological alien entities, known as the Ebens,  have been monitoring and manipulating human life for more than 270 million years and transporting ET hybrids around the world. Learn more from Howe in this engaging episode of Zohar StarGate.

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