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Now Six Dead In Waukesha

Video of the moment Brooks was arrested, video from the bail hearing and another death has been announced with more soon to follow. The charges are racking up. More from RedPill78.

A good amount of the pro-Trump clickbait and disinformation you see on social media platforms comes from Macedonian click farms, largely operated by teenagers. Many are paid by companies peddling Trump coins. Jordan Sather of Destroying the Illusion explains how these click farms operate and also how he found out about them.

Wisconsin, racism, Rittenhouse…information warfare is under way at the highest levels. Pray! More from And We Know.

The Fact-Check Racket

This fact-checking business is nothing more than censorship of what is mostly true. Facebook and YouTube use a similar, Nazi-style fact-checking criminal racket to push Covid lies and tyranny forward, and shut down any exposure of their crimes.

We already know some of those Facebook fact-checkers are funded by Big Pharma and are also connected to the CCP through companies they control. Says Renaud Bedard, “So the real purpose of social media fact-checking was never to stop disinformation, but more to promote it and censor the truth.” Here’s more.

Trap Is Ready To Be Sprung

The [Deep State] is now preparing for the AZ forensic audit fallout. The patriots have prepared for this moment and the [Deep State] is now falling right into the trap. Those woke Generals that are being paraded around on TV have no idea what is happening. Trump lets everyone know that the movement is far from over, that the fight has just begun. Devolution is about to go down. The clock is ticking and everything is in place, Operation Castle Rock ready to go. The military caught it all. The trap is ready to be sprung. More from the X22 Report.



Patriots Are In Full Control

All is falling into place! We aren’t going to take it anymore! Pray! More from And We Know.

Is our nation being destroyed by Communist sympathizers bent on world domination?  More from JustInformed Talk.

Vaccine Disinformation

Let’s hear a sampling of vaccine disinformation from two vaunted figures — President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris. More from demonetized_memes.

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