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Where’s John Durham?!?

News update! Where’s Durham? Christian 21! Corona mass ejections! Med-Beds being built right under our noses! Swift financial changeover coming! Stock market is being fabricated by the White House! Three gateways to Inner Earth opened! Joe Biden is (was) the Devil! More from McAllister TV.

Corona=Sun Flare!

Former President Donald Trump offers clues of a pending solar flare during his campaign rally last weekend in Casper, Wyoming. What does the word “corona” really mean? the World Economic Forum listens to shape-shifting draco lizards speak about killing 50 percent of the humans on Earth. The entire room applauds! These globalists are sick! More from McAllister TV.

Corona Now Offline For Good

The [Deep State] has lost the corona narrative. It is now offline and they need to back out of it quickly. The people around the world are waking up. We, the people, are the cure.

The [Deep State] is scrambling, trying to find something on Trump. The [Deep State] is using the same playbook as Russian collusion, producing information that is meaningless but trying to make it look like they have something on Trump. The trap has been set. Everything they are doing, all the rulings, will be used against them in the end. Down she goes. More from the X22 Report.



How NASA Craft Touched Sun

NASA announced that its Parker Solar Probe became the first spacecraft to “touch” the Sun. What does it mean to touch the Sun and how and why did they do it? The Facts channel explains.

World of Beers IX

On tap tonight: Corona, Mexico.

Mountie meets mariachi, and even the grizzlies stand up and take note in this Corona commercial shot outside Vancouver, Canada.

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