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Great Awakening Decode!

Headline countdown! Mega meme awakening decode! Trump Statement clue! David Russell Williams’ Royal Connection! Queen’s Henchmen! Jon Benet Ramsey 911!

Med Beds latest news! Trans agenda on steroids in schools and sports! Vax deaths ramping up! More from McAllister TV.


Solar Flares Controlled!

New Christian 21 Update! Solar flares controlled! Ether-free energy stopped after WW2! Med-Bed centers! Inner Earth! Men In Black! Queen and Bush! The Frequency Fence explained! Heart consciousness! More from McAllister TV.

Where’s John Durham?!?

News update! Where’s Durham? Christian 21! Corona mass ejections! Med-Beds being built right under our noses! Swift financial changeover coming! Stock market is being fabricated by the White House! Three gateways to Inner Earth opened! Joe Biden is (was) the Devil! More from McAllister TV.

Celestial Chambers, Gateways!

Christian 21 and Code Word Hillbilly art! Unseen Intel! Human “near-death experience” must happen! Flash or solar flare will be followed by celestial chambers, portals and new gateways opening! We will have med-beds to heal the infirm!

Also in this edition: Was the Freemason Eiffel Tower filled with cocaine? Are Prince and Elvis still alive and living in disguise? More from McAllister TV.

Solar Flash Trump

How will the solar flash work? Here, we learn of the transition to come. There will be three groups of humans removed to new larger, greener planets — Christians, Moslems and Indians. How will med beds be distributed? Who can use them? More from bluewater.

New Intel On Grand Solar Flash!

Additional intel on the Grand Solar Flash. What will the Super Sun Flare mean? Everyone will remember how to use portals and gateways! All Capital cities worldwide have the “Big Wheel” ride! The sun flare is the main part of the show!

D5 Avalanche! The choice to know will be yours! Guy Brummell update from jail! More from McAllister TV.

March Madness Is Here!

By the end of March, the sheep will be waking up! Some vaxxed will riot and blame the un-vaxxed for their plight! There could be suicides and breakdowns.

An EBS (Emergency Broadcasting System) announcement is coming soon! Life will change forever and we will see things beyond human comprehension! Med beds and gold standard are near. Charlie Ward Intel confirmed. More from McAllister TV

Army Corruption The Worst

Martin Brodel updates intel from his source on a variety of topics, including the corruption in our military. He tells Brodel we still have matters to clean up in our military, emphasizing we must remember where the biological weapon (Covid-19) was created before shipment–Fort Detrick, Md., Army Base.

“That will connect the dots where the biggest corruption in the military is–the Army,” the source says. “All branches have some, but the Army is the worst.” Brodel sorts of the details from his source, including the healing powers of med beds, Trump’s endorsement of the vaccines and the importance of frequencies in our bodies, plus more.

Gitmo Expansion! Missing 411!

Gene Decode! Black goo! Vax Delta variant! Two timelines! AI System of the Beast! DUMBS and National Forests! Med Beds! GITMO expansion! More from McAllister TV.


McAllister TV is so popular among Call Me Stormy readers that today we bring you a double-dose, including this week’s Beyond the Headlines video bringing together Linda Paris with TRUreporting. The focus here is on Scientology and its occult roots. Specific topics covered include: L. Ron Hubbard and Black Magic! Occult rocket scientist Jack Parsons and Aleister Crowley! NASA connections! The friendship between Hubbard and Parsons! And, finally, how Hubbard stole Jack Parsons’ wife!

Underground With The Reptiles

Here’s the concluding video in McAllister TV’s weekend interview with Sarge from Icons. Topics discussed: Amazon servers going down! The subterranean war! What are portals and how do they work? Global reset and med beds are coming! Animal covid! Hollywood was marked! Laboratory adrenochome! Black National Anthem! How do you trap a wild animal? More from McAllister TV.


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