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Convoy: Threats And Risks

Should you go to Ottawa or send the government a message another way? I go over: Government Response, Danger Signs, Shady Characters, The Hack / Leak by the manic Aubrey Cottle and moreā€¦from Amazing Polly.

Faux White House, Fake Biden

The faux White House and Biden Administration are turning more into a comedy show everyday. Witness the fake Biden handlers, fake Boris Johnson, the studio walls coming apart at the seams. And most shocking of all, check out the fake president, who appears to be wearing a Joe Biden facemask.

“It’s the attack of the clones saga, with masks peeling off and a supposed president taking orders from puppet masters,” says Renaud Bedard. Here’s the stunning video and always judge the material for yourself.

Pandemic A Grave Injustice

Dr. Roger Hodkinson, a medical specialist in pathology based in Alberta, Canada, is fed up with the nonsense surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, calling it the most grave injustice our society has ever experienced. He decries the useless shutdowns of the economy, incompetent politicians playing doctors, the censorship of real doctors and the nonsense of wearing facemasks long-term, which he says are making matters worse.

Dr. Hodkinson makes it clear that he’s not an anti-vaxxer, conspiracy theorist or great-resetter. “I’ve spent my entire career in evidence-based medicine,” he says. His prognosis: people are not properly informed that the coronavirus vaccine is still in the experimental stage, it has not been approved yet and there are high risks of very adverse reactions. He also condemns unreliable PCR tests, falsification of death certificates, not promoting vitamin D and the unacceptable loss of personal freedom. Here’s more, courtesy of RenaudBe.

The Joey And Fowchee Show

In this week’s journey into the lighter side of life, President Biden and Dr. Anthony Fauci team up for “The Joey and Fowchee Show,” a talk-show format where they attempt to discuss UFOs and facemasks, despite constant interruptions from spoiled Hunter Biden. The United Spot video, of course, is a political parody and we hope it brings a smile to your face.

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