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Soccer Team Disrespects Vet

Several members of the U.S. Olympic women’s soccer team turned their backs on a 98-year-old World War II veteran playing the National Anthem on his harmonica. You’ve got to wonder: Were these women raised in barns? Are they even women or actually Nazi transgenders, or dyke clones? We’re not sure about their sordid origins, but it will be no sweat off our back when they lose. And hopefully, they get thrashed quickly and soundly. What a disgrace to America! More from The Salty Cracker.

They’ve Only Just Begun

You think Joe Biden is done destroying America? The truth is: he’s only just begun. What’s coming may well leave you broke and in perpetual slavery if you’re not prepared. More from the SGTReport.

More arrests! Suicides! The [Deep State] hatred of God’s creation is exposed. The choice to know will be yours. Among the topics covered: women’s sports, Marorie Taylor Greene, and the Equality Act. More from And We Know.

Collin Kettle is the Founder & Executive Chairman of New Found Gold. He comes from a family with deep ties to mining, including co-founding AuEx Ventures, the company responsible for discovering the Long Canyon deposit, a project ultimately acquired by Newmont for $2.3B.

Collin begins this conversation, describing how the economy is doing under [Joe Biden]. He warns the economy will most likely head into a recession or Depression. Gold and cryptos will start to rise and break out as the stimulus is pushed out into the public realm. The countdown to the implosion of fiat currency has started. More from the X22 Report Spotlight.

The End Of Women’s Sports

Selina Soule was one of the top five female high school sprinters in Connecticut, headed toward national laurels and perhaps a college scholarship in her future. But that all came crashing down when she and other females were forced to compete against biological boys, who call themselves transgender girls. Now, women aren’t just losing their races, they’re losing their chances to compete at all.

The two biological males in Connecticut went on to win 15 state championships in two years and, shockingly, their winning times would not have qualified them for the boys state meet. When Soule voiced concern about the fairness of the competition, the media and school officials called her a sore loser, telling her to “run harder.”

But facts are facts. The biological changes that males go through during puberty are significant, giving them a decided edge in speed and strength over females. “The reason we have girls sports in the first place,” says Soule, “is to give females with talent, hard work and dedication, and equal opportunity a chance to shine and be recognized.”

So, is this just another intrusion by the Left and their appetite for political correctness? As always, you be the judge. Here’s more with Soule on PragerU.

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Why Even Bother?

Major League Baseball has belatedly opened its 2020 season but why even bother? The players are flashing their Black Lives Matter gear, playing politics instead of sports. The NBA and Women’s National Basketball Association have staged even more dramatic stunts. If athletes want to run for Congress, fine. Go for it. But when the games are on, they should be focusing on sports — not pushing their own brand of politics. More from Mark Dice.

Zuby & Candace Owens

What happens when a man who identifies as a woman participates in women’s sports and smashes the competition? British hip-hop artist Zuby says he broke the women’s deadlifting record simply to prove there are biological differences between men and women. He joins Candace Owens in her London studio to discuss this experiment on The Candace Owens Show from PragerU.

Transgender Sports?!?

Recently three girls in Connecticut have filed a complaint regarding trans people in sports. What do you think? More from Hunter Avallone.

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Women’s World Cup Update

Daily Wire god-king and sports correspondent for Daily Wire 2 Jeremy Boreing gives Michael Knowles an update on all the drama behind the Women’s World Cup.

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Are Transgender Athletes Fair?

Why is it fair for transgender athletes to compete against women and win every time? Are they pushing women out of sport? Here’s the data. More from Sydney Watson.

Steven Crowder rebuts Vice’s recent transgenders in powerlifting video, offering facts, science and actual truth.

Trans Women Sweep Awards

Two transgender women took first and second place this year in Connecticut’s indoor track-and-field championship last weekend – and by “transgender women,” I mean two biological guys with testosterone who just stole awards from biological girls. More evidence the Democrats mean to hurt all of us — men and women. Everyone except their biological monsters. More from Brittany Hughes at MRCTV.

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Liz Wheeler says the fact these trans athletes won so easily underscores how men have a different, and biological, superiority over women. It’s unfair to allow these men to enter female competitions, and stating that has nothing whatsoever to do with discrimination, but rather, recognizing biology. More from One America News.

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Bernie Sanders: A Has-Been?

Talking all things Bernie Vs Cruz debate on taxes, socialism and “human rights”, Uranus, missing bugs, transgenders in sports, women in sports and more. Featuring special guests Karen Straughan, Iraqveteran8888 and RazorFist. More from Steven Crowder on Louder with Crowder.

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