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The Disinformation Fraud

In his latest System Update video, Glenn Greenwald explores the Disinformation Fraud. This is a concerted effort on the part of the most powerful institutions in the United States and Western Europe to crush free speech and silence dissent.

The leftist institutions were mortified by the election of Donald Trump to the American Presidency in 2016, and took concrete steps to try to ensure this would never happen again. Here, Jacob Siegel joins Greenwald to examine the pernicious censorship efforts that have grown in intensity under the administration of the phony and corrupt Joe Biden.

Siegel is the author of a new article in the online journal Tablet. The title of the article: “A Guide To Understanding the Hoax of the Century.” To read the full article free of charge, visit https://www.tabletmag.com/sections/news/articles/guide-understanding-hoax-century-thirteen-ways-looking-disinformation

Fraud Underlies Leak Story

Judge Andrew Napolitano interviews former CIA operative Larry Johnson about the recent arrest of Jack Teixeira, a young National Guardsman, on charges of leaking deep Pentagon secrets. Johnson says there has been a lot of smoke surrounding the case, but much of it’s been shown to be false or exaggerated.

‘This is too tidy a package,” he says. “It’s like an episode from Law and Order.”

Johnson believes the leaks were “controlled,” and not likely perpetrated by Teixiera, but rather by higher-up management within the intelligence agencies. The purpose? To begin to prepare the public for much greater hardship and risks ahead.

“What’s coming is worse than a world war,” says Johnson. “This is serious.” More from XAndrewX drawing from red pilled tv.

Fauci Sex Allegations Aired

Tuesday, we reported on the allegations of Ava Chen, a Chinese journalist who claimed that American medical czar Anthony Fauci had conducted a sexual liaison with Wang Yanyi, the director general of the Wuhan Institute of Virology. Now, two days later, the One America News network has become the first national news outlet to cover the allegations.

The revelations come from April Moss, formerly a CBS reporter in Texas, who is interviewed on OAN by Dan Ball. Moss previously had conducted an hour-long interview with Ava Chen and run it on her Rumble program called Face The Facts.

Chen belongs to a dissident group, the New Federation State of China (NFSC), that opposes the ruling Chinese Communist Party (CCP). The leader of the NFSC, Miles Guo, was arrested last week by a squad of more than 100 FBI agents who raided his New York City apartment.

They nailed him on a series of fraud charges, maintaining he had duped donors out of close to $1 billion. But those backing Guo believe the FBI is after him at the behest of the Chinese Communists and the Chinese Communists’ American allies — Joe Biden and Hunter Biden.

Trump Urges Deep State Arrests

The [Deep State] is trying to stop the truth from coming out. All assets are deployed but they are losing the information war. They do not control the narrative.

The people are seeing the truth and they will want accountability. Trump is calling for the arrest of the [Deep State]. They should be tried for fraud and treason and the J6 prisoners should be released.

More information is going to drop and the [Deep State] is going to push the information war into a physical war. The patriots were counting on this. Countermeasures are in place. More from the X22 Report.

Don’t Let The Storm Drain You

Boots on Katie Hobbs and Mike Dewine? More on East Palestine, Ohio. Saudi Arabian money now going to Ukraine. Brazil pushes for requiring jabs! Pray! More from And We Know.

Balloon Bombing Baffles Boobs

This week on the New World Next Week: The balloon hysteria pops but China hysteria is just building; the no-alternative media attempt to revive the old homeland security fraud in the name of partisan flag-waving; and Pervez Musharraf dies at 79. More from James Corbett at The Corbett Report and James Evan Pilato at Media Monarchy.

Project Veritas Finished?

James O’Keefe fired from Project Veritas? Board of Directors might be forcing him out!

Who are the culprits? Not clear yet, although early news of O’Keefe’s ouster came via The Daily Beast, a leftwing, so-called “journalistic” outlet that represents the armpit of the CIA. More from Mark Dice.

Here; Kimberly Guilfoyle touches upon the bizarre situation surrounding James O’Keefe in her new podcast, appearing on Rumble. She says O’Keefe was “sold out for 30 pieces of silver by his own team to Pfizer.”

The former Fox News host, engaged to Donald Trump Jr.,  also gets into the Twitter censorship testimony before the House Oversight Committee.

Time To End This Horror Show

What is the Keystone Kek Key? Is it a gift that keeps giving? How about the Hammer Scorecard? It’s time to end the Horror Show! Pray! More from And We Know.

The website Real Raw News says a skirmish broke out on Christmas Day at Guantanamo Bay, pitting U.S. military aligned with the Deep State against the Marines and Navy officers who operate the base. The White Hats repelled the Deep State combatants, but as many as 50 soldiers died, some of them on board three CH-53 Sea Stallions — military transport helicopters — that attempted to strafe the base, and did kill some Marines.

The mission of the Sea Stallions? To gain release for Deep State politicians said to be incarcerated at GITMO, among them, Nancy Pelosi. A second Real Raw News report said Pelosi had not been freed, but rather had been hung a day later. She supposedly had arrived at GITMO on Dec. 1, facing charges of treason and conspiracy to commit murder.

Neither of these reports could be independently collaborated, outside of the Real Raw News accounts  written by Michael Baxter. Former Navy Seal Michael Jaco did carry a video on the alleged incident, asking, “Did the war move into the open with an attack on Gitmo on Christmas and Pelosi hung the next day?” Again, we cannot verify this happened. Our mission here: Simply to let you know: Dark rumors are definitely circulating, but it’s too soon to tell if they are true or just hokum.

Trump Turned Table On Biden

The [Deep State] is throwing everything they have at Trump. They are using the old playbooks, propaganda, lies, you name it. They are panicking.

Maricopa County was caught in a lie. They tried to cover it up, but the coverup always gets you. Trump has now trapped the [Deep State] players.

He just turned the table on Biden. Trump is asking the House to order Biden’s tax returns on all business dealing, plus family members. This is just the beginning.

Buckle up. It’s going to get rough because the [Deep State] will fight back but they did this to themselves. More from the X22 Report.

Scavino Sends A Message

The FBI is panicking over the information that is being released by Twitter. The FBI wants everyone to ignore the information and if you believe it, you are a Conspiracy Theorist.

Scavino sends message. Heart attacks can be deadly. Trump counters the [Deep State] with messages. Every time the Biden [Deep State] push their agenda, Trump gives a solution to the problem they are causing. More from the X22 Report.