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Is Jordan The Red Skull?

Is Jordan Peterson the Red Skull, the most HORRIFYING supervillain of all time! HAIL LOBSTER! More from FreedomToons.

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Taking Responsibility

Canadian psychologist Jordan Peterson is the latest and unlikely YouTube celebrity, the result of lectures and a recent book about responsibility. Boring, you say. Not in the least. Millions of young people are lining up to hear his speeches, watch his videos and buy his book, 12 Rules for Life, which has reached No. 1 on Amazon’s bestseller list.

Why the intense interest? “People have been fed this diet of pabulum, rights and impulsive freedom,” Peterson tells consumer journalist John Stossel. “There’s just an absolute starvation for the other side of the story.” Here’s more of the interview on the John Stossel channel.

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The Most Terrifying IQ Statistic

Clinical psychologist and commentator Jordan Peterson says the most terrifying IQ statistic in America is you can’t induct anyone into the military with an IQ under 83. Peterson says our U.S. Armed Forces has been on the forefront of intelligence since World War I, because they are onboard with the idea–especially during wartime–that you had to sort people effectively and without bias so you can build up the officer corp and, of course, so you don’t lose the war.

The motivation was equally as important during peacetime, where the military could take people out of the underclass and move them up into the working class or middle class, actually using the process to promote social mobility. So after 100 years of careful statistical analysis of the process, the results were stunning.

Says Peterson, “The Armed Forces concluded that if you had an IQ of 83 or less, there wasn’t anything you could possibly be trained to do in the military, at any level of the organization, that wasn’t positively counter-productive.” Learn more in this edition of Simulation.

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Jordan Peterson Near Death?!?

In a video and script given to the National Post, Mikhaila Peterson provides an update on her father, the author and professor Jordan Peterson, who is currently recovering from near death at a clinic in Russia.

“Hi everyone, it’s been months since we’ve given an update on Jordan and my family’s health and it’s time for one so here goes. The last year has been absolute hell for the Petersons.

Dad was put on a low dose of a benzodiazepine a few years ago for anxiety following an extremely severe autoimmune reaction to food. He took the medication as prescribed. We weren’t aware that he was developing a physical dependence on the drug until last April when my mom was diagnosed with terminal cancer and the dose of the medication increased. It became apparent that he was experiencing a paradoxical reaction to the medication, meaning the benzos did the opposite of what they’re supposed to do. These reactions are rare but are not unheard of.

The worst symptom for dad was akathisia. Akathisia is an absolutely god awful condition where the person feels an incredible, irresistible restlessness, and an inability to sit still. It was so severe he was suicidal.

For the last six months he’s been in horrible, unbearable discomfort from this drug, made worse when trying to remove it because of the physical dependence. We took him to several hospitals in North America where he experienced multiple cases of misdiagnosis, and the addition of more medications to cover the response he was experiencing from the benzodiazepines. He nearly died several times.”More from Stefan Molyneux.

Here is the update from Peterson’s daughter Mikhaila.

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Debunking Intersectionality

Intersectionality is the newest fad in political activism. What is it? Who’s involved? And, what does it even mean? Dr. Jordan B. Peterson and Ben Shapiro break it all down. More from PragerU.

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Real Life! Starring Don Lemon

It’s easy to accept the absurdity that is Rick Wilson – it’s a consistent sort of stupid, and a kindergarten sort of hate. But it’s the point of an atmosphere ration for Worst Journalist of the Year, Don Lemon (Worst Journalist of the Year) that almost all of America has come to seriously question – he is the vile union of utter hypocrisy and total failure.

…And it’s hilarious! More from John Ward.

Canadian clinical psychologist Jordan Peterson psychoanalyzes elite journalist Don Lemon. We don’t need to psychoanalyze Lemon to grasp an essential rule: CNN sucks! More from The Liberty Hound.

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Dissecting the Top 1 Percent

Most of us share the stereotypical view of the top 1 percent of society in their ivory towers, living in luxury and barking orders. That can’t be farther from the truth says Dr. Jordan Peterson, clinical psychologist and professor of psychology at the University of Toronto.

“You think that the people that run things are sitting at home, smoking big cigars and telling their minions what to do,” Peterson says. “That’s like the 1920s millionaire that’s on the cover of the Monopoly game. That’s no sociological analysis. I know some people like that and they work all the time.”

Peterson acknowledges that some of these people at the top are corrupt, but says the vast majority are efficient and smart, and most of them happen to be men. He explains in this episode of Wisdom Talks.

One Day with Jordan Peterson

FreedomToons presents one day in the life of philosopher and educator Jordan Peterson.

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Switch to DuckDuckGo

Face it: Google is not only Leftist-leaning, but an invasive and greedy company doing everything in its power to destroy all competition. Time to switch to DuckDuckGo, which not only doesn’t have a big axe to grind, but also doesn’t track your movements.  In other words, this is what we all hoped our search engine would be like.

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Here, Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, grills management staff at Google on the damaging reports that show the company has been manipulating and altering its algorithms in an attempt to help the Democrats win the 2020 election and ensure the country doesn’t face another “Trump situation.” If you ever needed any proof whatsoever of Google’s illegal conduct and why this miserable company ought to be broken up and splintered into smaller firms, this is it. No more protection under US Code 230 for the fascists at Google.

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Black Pigeon Speaks addresses Google’s “censorious urges” and why the company “is playing a very dangerous game.” Not only should the Trump administration push to break up these brigands, we need full hearings that show the degree to which they have been hiding and manipulating real data, interfering with elections worldwide and receiving illicit funding from outfits like the CIA.

Project Veritas has just published a leaked email proving political censorship was at least being entertained. The email targeted Jordan Peterson, Ben Shapiro, and PragerU and called on removing the ‘suggested feature’ which we learned was later throttled on Dave Rubin’s channel as well as all of my channels.

Following Veritas’ report Youtube even deleted the video in a shocking display of arrogance. The censorship against conservatives and those who oppose the far left is confirmed at this point.

An email making overt political statements and calling on censorship based on politics and the video exposing Google’s corruption was deleted seemingly to hide their wrong doing. They cited a third party privacy complaint but the women in the video worked for Google so that is clearly not true.

It would seem that we have reached a tipping point. Ted Cruz and Louie Gohmert have directly called out Google over these actions. But will Democrats and Republicans come together to enact legislation to protect the commons and our Democracy? More from Tim Pool.

Google, where employees are using 1984 as a manual, not as a warning. Computing Forever says Google’s attitude is juvenile. They are going home and taking away the football because they are losing the game.

Why did YouTube ban the video so quickly? Because everyone could see that the company was violating its promises of fairness and inclusiveness. It is waging an all-out and dirty fight against Conservative and Christians, and cannot make any pretenses whatsoever that it’s motivated to do what’s right. This is just a company that intends to smack you against the face if you don’t hold the same views as its far-Leftist employees. More from Lisa Haven.

President Donald Trump spoke with Maria Bartiromo of Fox Business News and said of Google “they are trying to rig the election.” Indeed, these bastards are. But instead of wailing about it on Twitter or on TV, Republicans should grow some balls and break up this stinking Liberal jiveass company.

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Milo: Forbidden Conversation

Here, Jordan B. Peterson interviews the widely banned Milo Yiannopoulos. Says Peterson, “I should start by saying that Milo is definitely now on the list of those who no one acceptable socially should ever speak to, which I suppose is one of the reasons why I’m talking to him. I want to know what happened to him over the last few years, in his words, and I don’t really give a damn if that’s politically incorrect. I also plan to post clips directly from this discussion on Facebook this week. We’ll all see (all who are interested) what happens when that occurs.”

“Milo’s a hard man to categorize. Part journalist, part performance artist, part agent provocateur, part comedian and wit, Yiannopoulos is a man of immense and complex self contradiction. He’s half-Greek and half-Irish, but is know as an Englishman to the Americans with whom he has communicated extensively. He’s gay, and Jewish by descent. He married to his long-term boyfriend, an African-American man, in Hawaii, in 2017, but faces frequent accusations of racism. He is—or was—strangely attractive to young American Republicans, and completed a successful and controversy-ridden tour of US universities in 2016-2017. For at least two years, he was one of the most well-known internet celebrities, let’s say, on the political front, and caused more uproar than any other single person that I can think of.”

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