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CoNsErVaTiVes ArE eXTrEmE

Join the Debunkers as they return after a year-long hiatus to explain to Carlos Maza how incorrect he is once again! More from FreedomToons.

Now They Want To Drone Us

The Leftists have gotten so deranged they now are debating whether or not to drone conservatives across America. We kid you not! Listen as these morons debate the drone attacks on MSNBC. It’s becoming the flagship channel for lunatic Leftists now that CNN is sinking into same treacherous waters now engulfing MSNBC. More from Luke Rudkowski at We Are Change.

PBS Link To Reeducation Camps

Michael Beller, principal counsel for PBS, The Public Broadcasting System, has been caught on film by Project Veritas pushing extreme radicalism and even Chinese-style “reeducation camps.”

Who knew when you gave money to PBS thinking you were helping encourage education, you were actually just feeding a bunch of radicals taking their marching orders from Chairman Mao? In other words, it wasn’t Sesame Street you were supporting, but the slinging of “molotov cocktails” at the White House.

Have a listen and you will see we aren’t exaggerating just how insane this TV official is. “Even if Biden wins, we go for all the Republican voters. Homeland Security will take their children away, We’ll put them into the reeducation camps,” Beller says. A few moments later, he’s talking about the spread of the coronavirus in red states, and expressing his joy that it might kill more conservative voters.

“What’s great is that COVID is spiking in all the red states right now. So that’s great. Because either those people won’t come out to vote for Trump, you know the red states, or a lot of them are sick and dying,” Beller says. “Americans are so f—ing dumb. You know, most people are dumb.”

Emma Colton from the Washington Examiner reported the news. She cited a Tweet suggesting PBS has fired Beller but that’s unconfirmed as of yet.

Deep State’s Insurrection Act

In the first part of the video I give an overall view of the situation (not exactly cheery). Then I talk about Nancy Pelosi going nuts trying to get rid of Trump even though there’s only 9 days left in his administration (or so we think.) Then I use clips to show the difference between the Corporate Media’s propaganda and the reality of what happened on January 6th at the Trump rally in DC. I then go over the fallout – deplatformings and witch hunts all over the place, including the swift un-personing the President of the United States! Finally I look at a Q post that has some similarities to what we are currently living through. More from Amazing Polly.

The insurrection lie and corporate grifting. Face it, McDonald’s has killed more people than most  extremist movements. A BitChute exclusive from Styxhexenhammer666.

General Tom McInerny rejoins Sarah Westall to discuss the Insurrection Act and President Trump’s oath of office to protect the country. We discuss the incredible danger the country is facing and that the President must act immediately. You can see more of General Tom McInerny at

Mazie Hirono Walks Away

Ted Cruz calls upon US Sen. Mazie Hirono, D-Hawaii, to denounce Antifa. Hirono…walks away! More from Sinatra Says.

The Koalacost Hits Australia

It has nothing to do with climate change. But we’re getting more evidence daily about just how deranged the Left has become. That’s right: A majority of these fires were man-made. More from Paul Joseph Watson.

The Australian bushfires have basically caused the Koalacost, 1 billion animals have died. Almost 200 people have been arrested for arson. Meanwhile, celebrities blame climate change. More from Mr. Obvious.


Environmental Rebellion Grows

All across the world, environmentalists are facing a growing rebellion. Why? Because these schmucks are fighting to wipe out the economies of most nations in the Western world. Whether they are in Europe, North America or Australia, the environmentalists are pushing radical attacks against industries and cars, all while totally ignoring the world’s most populated states, like the Communist Chinese or India. In other words, they are asking us to make sacrifices while Communist China and India skirt the rules and gain world domination. Dr. Steve Turley discusses the global sea change.

Piers Morgan: If climate change is a threat, why don’t you practice what you preach by reducing your carbon footprint?

“It’s not about my carbon footprint, it’s about YOUR carbon footprint” 🤦‍♂️ The epic hypocrisy of climate extremists 😂 More from PragerU.

Extinction Rebellion protesters receive backlash from sane, working-class folks. More from Paul Joseph Watson and InfoWars.

How To Strike For Climate

Want to properly strike for climate? Barbara4U2C shows you how it should be done.

Has anyone else noticed? Climate change activists used to want us all to plan trees or preserve wildlife. But now, these nuts are looking much more like cultists, a bunch of hippies jumping around, shrieking and spilling blood.  Just which planet do they inhabit? More from Magog of Morskar.

Paul Joseph Watson offers is a glimpse of the truth about Extinction Rebellion as he introduces Burning Man on the Thames.

The past seven days have been International Rebellion Week, and Extinction Rebellion activists have been protesting all week long. But who are these people really? And why do they actually protest? More from Daisy Cousens.


Reality is Bigotry

There’s little doubt that the policies and mission of the far left is to fundamentally transform people. Whether it’s a hard turn toward socialism, embracing dual gender identity or attacking President Trump. And they will tolerate no resistance.

“The left has only one strategy for this (resistance)–shame,” says Blue Collar Logic’s conservative pundit Dave Morrison. “Their ideas are so weak, their policies so disastrous that they cannot persuade with explanations and examples.” It boils down to a war on human nature, a detachment from reality. But amazingly, reality has a way of reasserting itself, no matter how hard one tries to deny it.

John Denver (1985)

The 1985 PMRC (Parents Music Reosurce Center) Hearings were just another of many examples of liberals flexing their racism on otherwise upstanding Americans. More from John Ward.

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