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Five Proofs Of Hillary’s Guilt

Hillary’s lawyer Michael Sussmann is the first to be indicted in Special Counsel John Durham’s multi-year investigation. His trial has revealed that at least one part of the plot to tie Donald Trump to Russia was hatched by Sussman with data created by an FBI asset, and carefully placed by them through two channels at the FBI. Let’s review what we’ve learned. More from Lori Colley.

The Michael Sussman defense team RESTS after their final character witnesses are called to the stand. Judge Cooper reads the jury instructions in preparation for closing arguments on the final day of trial. More from Robert Gouveia, Esquire.

Boom Week Straight Ahead

There is panic in DC. The corrupt politicians are not sleeping. Boom week ahead. Teams standing by waiting for the green light. The patriots planned this for the right moment. Durham, Election Fraud, Crimes against humanity all standing by. The information weapons are locked and loaded. The [Deep State] is trapped and they have lost their ability to function. The clock is ticking down. More from the X22 Report.

Borders and ballots!

The election season is heating up! Be watchful for enemy tricks! Let’s have no more stolen races for the crooked Democrats!

Increasing revelations will expose these amoral and godless politicians. We need to jail the worst of these crooks, and fight for the safety of our children! More from And We Know.

Everything Old Is Q Again!

Several current news stories relate back to subjects and themes brought up YEARS ago by the Q posts. Let’s explore! More from Amazing Polly.

Propaganda Puppets

Starblazer692003 eviscerates and exposes the propaganda-driven lies of the mainstream media, from the Steele dossier debacle to the Hunter Biden distraction to the misinformation in the Rittenhouse trial.

Simply put: the media is capable of major damage. “I do not know if I have an answer of how we can fix the media,” he says. “But I do know this cannot continue.” Here’s his report.

Will Durham Go All The Way?

Joe DiGenova joins Sebastian Gorka and breaks down John Durham’s process in trying to take down the Deep State. DiGenova, a former U.S. Attorney for the District of Columbia, also gives his thoughts if Durham can get the job done. More from America First with Sebastian Gorka.

Gorka also interviewed Kash Patel, who called the so-called Russia Hoax “the biggest scam in American history.” One of the main players in the fight against the Steele Dossier & Deep State, Patel joined Gorka to discuss John Durham’s process in trying to take down the Deep State.

Durham Bringing The Pain

Special Prosecutor John Durham is bringing the pain, the [Deep State] is panicking and they are scurrying to get ahead of the indictments by telling their side of the story. Rest assured the truth will shred their propaganda.

All this time Durham has dotted the i’s and crossed the t’s and now he’s ready to produce the evidence. He’s clearly honing in on [Hillary Rodham Clinton], who appears to be the initial target. “The hunters have now become the hunted,” says X22 Report’s Dave. “Next it will be Obama and Biden. Devolution is now in full swing and the blind will soon see the light, one step at a time.” Here’s more.

Reeling In James Comey

There’s a special place in John Durham’s probe for weasels like James Comey and there’s no escaping justice this time around. The rumor mill in Washington has it that Durham, with his expanded Special Counsel authority, is squarely focused on the former FBI director and his crew.

The Washington Examiner is reporting that the Durham probe is close to handing out indictments to Comey and his inner circle for his alleged cover-up of the Hillary Clinton email scandal. H.A. Goodman says that during his stint with the FBI, Comey had the phony goods on President Trump, thanks to the Steele Dossier, and he knew all about Clinton’s dirty little secrets. He basically had the keys to the castle. Unfortunately, he chose to usurp Attorney General Loretta Lynch’s authority to close the case without prosecution to save his own behind.

“James Comey is a brilliant tactician, even though he’s like a serpent,” Goodman says. “He was not only deceptive and manipulative, he was brilliant in a nefarious way.” In the following video, Goodman brings us the full context of the scandal, which led to Comey’s predicament today.

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What’s FBI Director Hiding?

Christopher Wray’s FBI has finally released its 2017 summary interview of Christopher Steele, author of the phony dossier regarding Russian collusion by the Trump Administration and sub-contractor in the Hillary Clinton campaign. Only problem is, with the exception of the first paragraph, the remaining 26 pages of the document are redacted.

Political pundit Sean Davis, among those breaking the news on Twitter, says there is no reason for the redaction unless the FBI has something very serious to hide. Ohio Congressman Jim Jordan was quick to respond, saying, “I just think this is consistent with the way Chris Wray has been ever since he’s been FBI director. We never seem to get the information. Chris Wray told us the FISA process was fine.” Jordan adds that just a few weeks after Wray made the statement in front of the House Judiciary Committee, Inspector General Michael Horowitz released a report on the FISA process, saying every single FISA application had major problems.

Appearing on Newsmax, Jordan also weighs in on the voter fraud fiasco gripping the nation and the rift between Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine and President Donald Trump.

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Could The Arrests Begin Soon?

As the old year fades away, one thing is surely happening: We’re hearing a lot more from the president as well as senior Republican senators suggesting there could be arrests coming for dirty and corrupt federal officials. Surely, some of the miscreants in the FBI need to be logged up. Has there ever been a law enforcement agency full of so many stinking crooks? More from And We Know.

The [Deep State] is trapped. They are trying to figure their way out of this fake impeachment. Each direction they go is a dead end. The plan has failed. The patriots are getting ready to strike. [No Name] confirmed to be involved in the Steele Dossier. Durham has a double meaning, think taking the country back. More from the X22 Report.

Why are the Democrats pushing as scorched earth policy? Is there no end to the Democrats’ wrath and scorn for our nation? More from JustInformed Talk.

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Something very strange just happened—something unparalleled in American history. A president of the United States was impeached, for only the third time in history, and hardly anyone outside the D.C.-Beltway bubble was paying attention or cared about it. More from Declassified with The Epoch Times.

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Light Shines On Deep State

The [Deep State]/Dems are moving forward with their agenda, pushing impeachment and the MSM is scrambling. They are trying to keep the narrative that the dossier was not used, but the IG report refutes this. Attorney General William Barr decided to redact information in the IG FISA report. He allowed the dates to be shown and other info, which expands the coverup. The [DS] is being pushed out of the darkness and into the light. Nothing can stop what is coming, nothing. More from the X22 Report.

Democrats have exposed their true loyalty now. Like Hillary Clinton, the Democrats have pledged their loyalty to the cabal of Globalists who seek a One World government. Period. LISTEN. More from the SGTReport.

What would you do if you could turn back time? Where would you go? Who would you see? Watch today’s episode on Project Looking Glass! We put hours of research into this to come to the conclusions that we have so let us know what you think!Here, the Edge of Wonder examines Project Looking Glass: The Deep State’s Plan to Control Time.

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