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The Deadly Isms

John Stossel says “isms” have done so much damage, but people still believe in them. And among the worst are: racism, fascism, communism, progressiveism. Pundits talk about these things in terms of right versus left, but Free People’s Matt Kibbe tells Stossel, “When you think about it, they sort of feel the same. You still have government control of businesses and factories, you still have no freedom of speech, no freedom of association. There’s hardly any freedom at all.”

And, Kibbe adds, none of these isms have what it takes to save the world. “That’s a political philosophy to believe in,” Stossel says. Here’s more.

Collapse Of Supply Chain

Josh Sigurdson reports there’s an obvious and controlled disruption to the supply chain, posing a clear danger to economies worldwide. The organized push is also causing massive employment shortages, which in turn, is halting the flow of goods and services internationally.

The lack of transportation, an offshoot in the disruption, is leading to massive livestock kill-offs and sparking skyrocketing inflation. An estimated 120,000 pigs are set to be slaughtered and tossed away, sending meat prices through the roof and making it unaffordable for most businesses and individuals. “When this happens, people become desperate. When people become desperate, they can be controlled,” Sigurdson says. This, of course, is in perfect timing for climate lockdowns and carbon credits added to social-credit scores, which also include the jab. More from World Alternative Media.

Nullify The Fake Government

Frank is the creator and owner of Quite Frankly Podcast. Frank begins the conversation with [Joe Biden], saying that he is losing control and the people are waking up to how bad the country is going to be if he continues. Then the conversation moves into covid, focusing on how covid is being used for the Great Reset and to take the people’s freedoms away. The people are waking up, it is a war between those who want freedom and those who want to control the people, it is time to nullify the federal government.more from the X22 Report Spotlight.

Fake Deaths Flood The Planet

The Deep State is again up to something sinister, judging from the number of fake videos depicting mass death across the planet as the result of the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent vaccines. World Alternative Media’s Josh Sigurdson reports on the huge breaking news of mass death in India, piles of body bags in Brazil and people dropping dead in Australia. “It’s all nonsense, it’s not true. It’s fake,” Sigurdson says.

It’s not hard to see that it’ all about control. Sigurdson emphasizes that in a January 2020 video, he warned that the Deep State would fake the pandemic, quarantine and force vaccinate everyone and destroy all businesses, and create a dependency on the government. “It’s called fascio-communism and technocracy,” he says. Sigurdson elaborates on the lies and more in the following episode.

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