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Five Eyes Now Panicking

The [Deep State] and FVEY (the Five Eyes intelligence agencies of Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and the United States) are now panicking.

They removed the Prime Minister of New Zealand and now more and more evidence is coming out about Biden’s business dealings. They need to separate themselves form him and that is exactly what they are doing. Protection has been removed. The pieces are now being put into place for the storm that’s about to hit.

The [Deep State] fears the storm and it is approaching. This is just the beginning. The sleeping giant has woken up and there is nothing the [Deep State] can do to stop it. More from the X22 Report.

Missing From The World Stage

Google apparently is playing censorship games once again. Now, they have removed links to web references about Russian leader Vladimir Putin being a member of the World Economic Forum.

Many world leaders are members of the WEF, including Us President Joe Biden, as well as the prime ministers of Canada (Justin Trudeau), Australia (Scott Morrison), the United Kingdom (Boris Johnson) and New Zealand (Jacinta Ardern). More from Jamie Dlux.

Emergency Powers Acts

Notice how formerly free and democratic societies are suddenly being thrust under new dictatorial mandates by Leftist fascists like Canada’s Justin Trudeau and New Zealand Jacinta Ardern? These creeps are using the phony Covid-19 mandates to justify their new emergency power acts.

The Dark Journalist, Daniel Liszt, explores the sinister implications in his new video that examines Global COG or the Continuity of Government. How much has the World Economic Forum influenced these sleazy politicians? The footprints of Klaus Schwab extend across the planet!



Coof Orgies

New Zealand’s Nazi prime minister Jacinta Ardern says the triple-vaxxed can engage in 25-person orgies! Looks like Santa arrived early for the Leftist deviants! More from The Salty Cracker.

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