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Missing From The World Stage

Google apparently is playing censorship games once again. Now, they have removed links to web references about Russian leader Vladimir Putin being a member of the World Economic Forum.

Many world leaders are members of the WEF, including Us President Joe Biden, as well as the prime ministers of Canada (Justin Trudeau), Australia (Scott Morrison), the United Kingdom (Boris Johnson) and New Zealand (Jacinta Ardern). More from Jamie Dlux.

Emergency Powers Acts

Notice how formerly free and democratic societies are suddenly being thrust under new dictatorial mandates by Leftist fascists like Canada’s Justin Trudeau and New Zealand Jacinta Ardern? These creeps are using the phony Covid-19 mandates to justify their new emergency power acts.

The Dark Journalist, Daniel Liszt, explores the sinister implications in his new video that examines Global COG or the Continuity of Government. How much has the World Economic Forum influenced these sleazy politicians? The footprints of Klaus Schwab extend across the planet!



Aussies Recall 50 Million Jabs

Breaking in Australia, Prime Minister Scott Morrison confirmed that a massive 50 million doses of University of Queensland vaccines have been recalled. The jabs were scrapped after it was discovered they were triggering false positives for HIV.

Vaccine expert Prof. Nikolai Petrovsky raised the alarm early. “Our feeling was, it was too experimental a technology to be rolled out,” he said. The details from RenaudBe.

The Role Of Civil Disobedience

The doctrine of blind obedience and unqualified submission to any civil or religious authority is the doctrine of despotism. Here, learn how civil disobedience safeguards our freedoms and prevents tyranny. More from the Academy of Ideas.

Remember, too, engaging in civil disobedience doesn’t necessarily mean you have to end up in jail. You can try baby steps, such as joining Canada’s Freedom Convoy by issuing honks to the Globalist fascists like Pierre Trudeau who need to be taught a lesson.

Here, Austria’s Hoch Tirol performs, led by Horst Konrader, the mastermind behind the bicycle horns. Post it on your favored social media outfit and dedicate it to Pierre or whichever despot you wish, say Emmanuel Macron or Joe Biden, Jacinda Ardern or Scott Morrison. The choice is all yours!

Round Up The Criminal Leaders

Street fighter Scott McKay is joined by David Nino Rodriguez and Michael Jaco, reacting to the blunderbuss Joe Biden’s latest assault against American and his further desecration of our Constitution and Bill of Rights.

We’d ask who elected this nincompoop but we know the majority of Americans did not. Biden was installed into the White House through election fraud and chicanery, the same as Justin Trudeau in Canada and Scott Morrison in Australia.

It’s time to clean the slate of these phony leaders, and send them to Gitmo — where they belong. We need new leaders who actually represent the will of the majority of people — as opposed to Leftist clowns badgering, downgrading or lying to the people.


Conservatives Win Australia!!!

Good day, mates!! The Conservatives –oddly enough, known as the Liberals —  pulled off a stunning win in Australia, kicking Labor ass. Now it’s time to fix the immigration problem in Australia and kick the Globalists out — same as President Donald Trump is doing in the USA and Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro. Now, time for more victories across Europe.

Trump sent a congratulatory message to Australian victor, prime minister Scott Morrison, whose win stunned the pundits. All had predicted a Labor victory. So Morrison’s win mirrored Trump’s, shocking the stodgy Democrats.

“Congratulations to Scott on a GREAT WIN,” U.S. President Donald Trump said on Twitter.

More from Dr. Steve Turley.

Stefan Molyneux, host of Freedomain, takes you on a journey across the political hellscape of Australia, and shows the way out of the quagmire for Oz!

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