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Let’s Just Feed Him To Max!

China Lake! Daryl James! Solar Warden! Human Robots! Tom Hanks! Tom Cruise! Kids in “Woodpecker Grid Cages!” A Half-Man, Half-Spider named “Max!” More from McAllister TV.

Good News

Believe it or not. Hollywood finally produces a certified hit, Top Gun: Maverick, that pulls in more than $1 billion by not pandering to woke bullshit. More from Paul Joseph Watson.

How To Spot A Tranny 101!

The Transgender Movement has nothing to do with gender and everything to do  with turning humans into organic robotoids! Genetically engineered hermaphrodites are transhuman and part of the Nazi Uberman Project. The project came over to America with Operation Paperclip! They want to change our DNA so we can be bought and sold like cattle! More from McAllister TV.

Hollywood Assassins Strike!

Michigan death matches! Tom Hanks…Kevin Spacey…Tom Cruise…Hollywood assassins! M552 and Q552 dive! Yuge DUMB under Jacksonville, Florida! Umbrella dive! Assets placed in clones and sent off planet! Bigger than you can imagine! Rothschild sperm gun! Nazi conquerors! Super Soldiers! More from McAllister TV.

Columbine’s Demon Seed Killers

The Umbrella Corporation! The enslaved queen! Tom Cruise! Richard Bay! MK Torture! Mengele played the violin while they screamed! Ron Aigner Columbine! Demon Seed! Columbine programmed expendable assassins! More from McAllister TV.


Trump Fires Truth Missiles

Full speed ahead! Former President Donald Trump speaks in Phoenix, Ariz., and fires a volley of truth missiles. So much exposed in just a few hours. Also, worldwide protests against the lockdowns! People everywhere are fed up with the Deep State lies and manipulations. Pray! More from And We Know.

Bix Weir & Chris Marcus join the SGTReport to discuss upside down world and our moral obligation to resist tyranny and the devil’s schemes.

McAllister TV and Dilara Esengil continue their weekend discussion Into The Unknown. How dumb can Libtard parents be? Need proof? See how many of them take their children to disgusting Dragtime story events at local libraries. Also in this video: More shape-shifting freakazoids! Do some of them have snouts? Also, Tom Cruise, the Nubby Man!

Run Tom Run

Watch out, Donald Trump! Tom Cruise announces his candidacy for President in 2020.

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How to Beat Big Tech Censorship

Cultural Appropriation Month continues with the European Union! Talking all things Pepe the Frog, Guns n Roses going full PC, Bieber vs Cruise, and the conservative battle against Big Tech censorship. James O’Keefe updates us on the social media wars, and Half-Asian Bill sits third chair. More from Louder with Crowder.

Leaked documents and court transcripts reveal how Facebook has played the censorship game. Facebook tries to determine if any of its users are “hate agents.” This can get you kicked off the platform, or placed under observation. In other words, Facebook might not make it known, but the platform has roots linked to DARPA and the CIA, and might still be conducting mass surveillance. More from the Vincent Vendetta Channel.

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Mission Impossible Baby

Who needs Tom Cruise, when Baby’s on the case? H/T Pleated Jeans

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