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Biden Leaves Americans Behind

The United States ends the Afghan War as the last American planes leave the Kabul Airport. Apparently, thousands of American citizens were left behind by the Biden administration. This is a shocking development in light of American traditions, but not at all surprising from the retarded Biden administration. The Taliban celebrated their victory. More from Mr. Obvious.

Twenty years at war in Afghanistan and what did we accomplish? The CIA got to control the poppy fields and make tons of money off the sale of opium. But otherwise, we didn’t exactly succeed at nation building — not in a region overrun by mindless thugs like the Taliban. More from Ramzpaul.


Get Ready, Cuz It’s Coming!

YouTube is tightening up its censorship, banning the past two videos posted by Rand Paul, questioning the federal moves to round up and arrest anti-vaxxers. Mark Dice says this is no surprise. We can expect more draconian censorship not only from YouTube, but all of the leftist media that supports the Democrats. They have thrown out our Bill of Rights, pretty much the entire Constitution, to mandate full control. Civil disobedience might become our only option.

Notice how YouTube used to only censor political commentators like Alex Jones, but now the censorship is falling upon actual, bona fide, elected U.S. Senators that the Bolsheviks don’t like. We are in open warfare now with these Leftists. We must fight them to preserve free speech in America. If they prevail, we will all be tossed into gulags. Time for the censors to go to jail instead. More from Ramzpaul.

Chauvin Juror Wore BLM Shirt

Did Derek Chauvin receive a fair and impartial trial? Do bears shit in the woods?

Now we see raw evidence of how rigged this trail was, as one of the jurors have been depicted wearing a Black Lives Matter T-shirt and mouthing off about getting involved to change the system. Apparently the juror also lied about his blatant bias so he wouldn’t jeopardize his odds to get chosen for jury duty. In other words, a real putz!

Don’t be surprised if this monkey business lands up getting the conviction overturned. Of course, it might not be. The system is becoming rigged — not at all fair or impartial. More from Ramzpaul.

Media Lies Engulf January 6

Remember the “violent” protest January 6 at the U.S. Capitol? The mainstream media painted it as a catastrophic event involving Trump supporters who stormed the halls of Congress and physically harmed and threatened police officers. As we all know now, that smear was just your ordinary pack of mainstream media lies. No officers whatsoever were harmed that day. More from Ramzpaul.

Outsourcing Cruelty

Unlimited power in the hands of limited people always leads to cruelty. That was one of the tenets taught by Alexandre Solzhenitsyn, the great Russian novelist and historian with a pro-freedom bent.

Here, Ramzpaul discusses Solzhenitsyn’s thoughts in the context of a cruel airline incident involving a dimwitted stewardess upset because a two-year-old girl is sitting on her mother’s lap and not wearing a face mask.

The stewardess works for Spirit Airlines. a low-cost airline but one that has been frequently accused of poor customer service. So we can’t say we’re shocked they hired this particular stewardess. The apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree.


Meghan Markle And The Prince

The jostling between Meghan Markle, Prince Harry and The British Royals brings to mind the Biblical story of Adam and Eve. The Serpent, as you might recall, convinced Eve to eat from the forbidden fruits from the Tree of Life. Was he pushing equality or simply blaspheming God? More from Ramzpaul.

Could We Be Alone?

Perhaps, there are thousands upon thousands of galaxies and millions of stars each with their own forms of intelligence life. Or perhaps, we are all alone. More from Ramzpaul.


Election Disaster

Trump declares victory. Democrats finding new votes. More from Ramzpaul.

Beat The Dead Horse

Die from a gunshot wound? Covid-19. How about a stabbing? Covid-19. Psoriasis? Covid-19. Jamie Dlux plays the game: Beat The Dead Horse.

Once we have a vaccine, will we be able to return to more normal lives? An Indian doctor says we can’t go back to those days. We will be scarred and masked forever. Not so fast, says Ramzpaul.


Biden Emails Outline Corruption

Biden email LEAK shows evidence Joe Biden LIED about Ukraine dealings. Democrats are freaking out. Democrats are corrupt and there is no two ways about it.

In a trove of leaked emails published by New York Post from a computer purportedly owned by Hunter Biden, emails show Hunter using his family name and access to his then VP father Joe Biden to make more money. In one exchange a Ukrainian businessman from Burisma is thanking Hunter for introducing him to his father and giving him the opportunity to meet and spend time.

Democratic allies in media are freaking out claiming its fake news. Facebook has announced they are censoring this story to prevent it from going far even though it’s from a reputable news source. Censorship is out of hand and the corrupt Democrats are desperate to steal back power by any means necessary. Trump and Republicans must win and reform section 230 to prevent this abuse. More from Tim Pool.

Ramzpaul examines the Big Tech censorship. Why is the New York Post being blackballed? Because Big Tech is doing the heavy lifting for a totally corrupt political candidate who would be in jail if he was running in a country that followed the rules of law. Let’s call that candidate “Snow.” And his son “Punter.”

This is bombshell censorship, bot only by Facebook but also Twitter. Both platforms are engaging in an active, all-out coverup to protect Joe Biden. Says The Quartering, “The idea that this isn’t some level of tech censorship or at the very least election interference I don’t know what to say. Would they protect Donald Trump in the same way?”

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What time is it? 2:30. A Filipino hit from MM and MJ, fronted by Kris Angelica. And in case you’re wondering why we bring it up here, check out Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act of 1996, and ask yourself how that act might apply to Facebook or Twitter!

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