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Twitter Files/Protective Bubble

Free speech advocates are having a field day promoting free speech in light of The Twitter Files, the large body of Twitter documents organized by Elon Musk and now released through journalist Matt Taibbi, longtime contributor to Rolling Stone.

But are those behind the blatant censorship even feeling shamed in the slightest? Will they ever addressĀ  the monster in the room, or will they simply keep censoring the truth and cowering in the corner, like your pet dog that just pooped on the living room carpet?

Here, legal analyst Robert Gouveia promises to spend several days “going down the rabbit hole” so we can all beginning to understand exactly how this censorship happened and who set it on motion. The question remains: Will the leftist cowards who run America’s fake news outlets begin to more honestly report the news, or will they simply keep lying about the facts and pushing their standard political hokum?

At this point, it’s impossible to perceive The New York Times or Washington Post as legitimate newspapers — they are simply strident, doctrinaire mouthpieces for the Democrats. The same applies to the alphabet networks — ABC, CBS and NBC, none worth watching any longer.

The Sandmann Cometh For NBC

NBC became the third media-news outlet to settle a defamation lawsuit with Nick Sandmann over coverage of his confrontation with a Native American elder near the Lincoln Memorial in 2019. Sandmann has already settled suits with CNN and The Washington Post. Terms of the NBC settlement are confidential.

Sandmann, then a 16-year-old from Covington, Ky., also has pending lawsuits against The New York Times, CBS News, ABC News, Rolling Stone and Gannett. Sandmann filed the suits after the media outlets wrongly portrayed him in a viral video of the confrontation following the March For Life rally. Here’s more on the story from Vee.

Bomber’s Sentence Vacated

A federal court has overturned the death sentence of Boston Marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev. The court said jurors in the case may have been influenced by pre-trial publicity, including an elaborate cover story in Rolling Stone. Here’s reaction from Boston Mayor Marty Walsh and former superintendent-in-chief of the Boston Police Department Daniel Linskey on Fox News’ “Fox & Friends.”

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Two Down, Six To Go

Covington, Kentucky, high school student Nick Sandmann has won his defamation lawsuit against the Washington Post. This is the second lawsuit he has won, the other coming against CNN. There remain six other lawsuits left to settle, including ones against the New York Times, NBC Universal, CBS News, ABC News, Gannett and Rolling Stone.

Sandmann originally was seeking $250 million from the Washington Post. It’s unclear how much he received in his settlement agreement. Sandmann and other Covington kids were falsely accused by mainstream media outlets of mocking a Native American man, Nathan Phillips, who was later exposed as a fraud. More from Mr. Obvious.

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No Nut November

It’s the tale of The Coomer. Porn is evil! More from Paul Joseph Watson.

But beware, maties! Rolling Stone says No Nut November is the handiwork of the Far Right. And it’s anti-Semitic as well. We kid you not. More from Tim Pool.

Crooked Hillary Off the Rails

Crooked Hillary Clinton’s recent remarks on Tulsi Gabbard and Jill Stein–current and former presidential candidates–have many wondering if she’s truly gone bonkers. Clinton, who charged that Gabbard and Stein are both compromised by Russia, has even drawn the ire of the liberal media. A prominent Rolling Stones left-leaning writer, Matt Taibbi, went as far as to say, “Hillary Clinton is nuts. She’s also not far from the Democratic Party mainstream.”

Conservative political commentator Bill Whittle put forward a more troubling diagnosis, suggesting that Crooked Hillary is simply a psychopath. Whittle joins colleagues Scott Ott and Stephen Green on this edition of Right Angle to break down the return of Crooked–and Crazy–Hillary.

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Rolling Down Hill

Alfonzo Rachel weighs in on the Rolling Stone Magazine cover that glorifies Boston Marathon Bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev. Should Rolling Stone apologize for its shameless promotion of murder and terror? Hear what Zo thinks. H/T PJTV

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Roll the Presses, Douchebags

“Dzhokhar, you’re NOT the one in pain, you’re NOT a rock star, you’re NOT a cover boy. You’re a DAMN Terrorist! says Judge Jeanine Pirro in her Fox News opening statement in the wake of national outrage over Rolling Stone Magazine opting to display a rock star photo of the Boston bomber suspect on the cover of their magazine.

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Tiger Beat for Terrorists

“It’s Tiger Beat for Terrorists” says syndicated columnist and author Michelle Malkin as she joins Sean Hannity to discuss the massive outrage over the Rolling Stone cover featuring the Boston bomber and glorifying terrorism.

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