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It’s The Culture, Not Guns

There are a lot of new ways–and old ways–to kill people other than guns. There are cars, trucks, explosives, knives and the list goes on. In light of the recent flurry of mass shootings, The Podcast of the Lots Eaters says it’s high-time we dealt with the real problem: addressing the culture, not the guns. Here’s their report.

Ruling Elites Just Don’t Care

The Podcast of the Lotus Eaters have come to the conclusion that the ruling elites don’t really value your sentiments and opinions. They thrive in their own corrupt world without a care in the world.

Host Callum Darragh brings us the evidence of their conceit, including clips featuring the incestuous gathering at the White House correspondence dinner.

Climate Alarmists Are Back!

The climate alarmists–aka The Green Cult–are back and they’re nuttier than ever. In an article on The Podcast of the Lotus Eaters website, John Wheatley ¬†writes that certain people, such as the climate-activist movements, take scientific calculations and turn them into a religion.

Lotus Eaters host Harry Robinson says the activists usually latch on to the worse-case scenario, take that as faith and go out and proselytize to everybody else. Robinson and Callum Darragh explain further.

UK To Exclude Trannies

The UK government is moving to create a legal framework that will exclude trannies from single-sex spaces. The Equality in Human Rights Commission in Britain announced that the move to exclude transgender people in such instances is perfectly legal in certain scenarios if there is sufficiently good reason. The Podcast of the Lotus Eaters explain further.

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