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Biden On Fake News 60 Minutes

The Rachel Maria impersonates Joe Biden, arguing that the worst inflation in 40 years is nothing, the equivalent of “an inch.”

Kamala’s Word And Wind Salad

Kamala Harris gets buffeted by the winds and by the marvel of her own words. More from The Rachel Maria.

Who Is Paying?

Joe Biden press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre attempts to explain who is going to pay for all the student loan debt the administration is wiping out. More from The Rachel Maria.

Trust The Science They Said

To say they failed implies they were actually trying. They weren’t. More from The Rachel Maria.

87K IRS Agents

Joe Biden and the creepy Democrats are hiring 87,000 IRS to shake down Americans and try to drain the pockets of the middle class and poor. More from The Rachel Maria.

The OBiden Administration

Let;’s hear from Barack Obama, the President that legalized propaganda. More from The Rachel Maria.

Is Pelosi Starting WWIII?

Nancy Pelosi, the exalted leader of the U.S. House, deflects questions about the urgency or ethics of her Taiwan visit. More from The Rachel Maria.

Nancy Pelosi Gets A Bill Passed

Nancy Pelosi recounts a vote total, and nearly does herself in. More from The Rachel Maria.

Farewell Jen Psaki

The Rachel Maria offers a compilation of a few of her funniest Jen Psaki clips. Well worth watching for a final hurrah!

Nina Jankowicz Auditions

Nina Jankowicz auditions to become the disinformation czar of the Joe Biden regime. More from The Rachel Maria.

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