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J6 Narrative Now Imploding

The [Deep State] narrative for J6 and election rigging is now falling apart. Everything they are doing to Trump will boomerang on them.

Since all the evidence is being released and there is more on the way, the [Deep State] is now using a funeral to keep the people busy.

Scavino released two dog vids. Are there going to be two funerals? Trump has opened the door of all doors. The people are going to see how they overthrew the US government. Game over. More from the X22 Report.

Narcissists And #Funerals

Today, we explore people who take vanity photos with the deceased. More from JoeyBToonz.

Lunatic Lefty Breaking Down

Says Meme the Left, “I think politics are in a little bit of a dark place.” So it’s time to lighten it up with this meme of a lunatic lefty breaking down. She imagines Trump supporters ushering in a new Holocaust!

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Mark Dice says he watches the mainstream media so we don’t have to. But sometimes, it’s even too much for him — like the more than four hours these stations devoted to the phony funeral of George Floyd. Yes, it’s come to this!

Justice is Coming, #Gitmo Style

Dr. Dave Janda appears on the SGTReport and discusses the note passing at the funeral of former President George H.W. Bush. His belief: Some of our nation’s leaders are heading toward justice at #Gitmo.

The Envelope Affair

We have run a few different videos that address the reactions among ex-Presidents and their wives to the mysterious envelopes they received at the funeral of George H.W. Bush. We’re going to continue over the weeks ahead to take a look at the various reactions of these elite leaders. Why? Because it’s a rare occasion when these leaders meet. But more importantly, it’s even rarer when they meet and something like the envelopes jars their composure and complacency.

Here’s another take, a fascinating one, from The Seething Frog.

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What did the envelopes contain? Here’s another theory. How about the code word from 9/11. More from The Debate.

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What Did Laura See?

Everyone is asking what was in the envelopes, and what was on the back of Laura’s program. (Or behind it.) I think these are separate questions. This video deals with what Laura saw and showed to Jeb. It does not deal with the envelopes. What if George was already under arrest and not going home?

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McAllisterTV says others at the funeral received letters — not only George Bush, Barack Obama and Joe Biden, but also Al Gore. Here, she analyzes more of the funeral videos. Have the recipients been loaded onto barges destined for Gitmo?


No Name Fake Funeral

Did No Name, alias John McCain, actually die ahead of his elaborate funeral? Or is it possible that was staged and he died at a later time? McAllisterTV weighs the options as she also delves deeper into the mystery notes passed along to members of the Bush and Clinton families, and former President Obama, at the George HW Bush funeral earlier this month.

Traitors! Treason! Justice!

McAllister TV analyzes the latest Q drops as well as the shocked expressions of the politicians at the George H.W. Bush funeral after they received notes — the contents of which have not been identified.

Destroying the Illusion’s Jordan Sather says former President Barack Obama got one of the envelopes. Meanwhile, facts are starting to emerge on the dirty Mueller probe. The Department of Justice has uncovered 19,000 missing Strzok-Page text messages. This after the Mueller investigators tried to scrub all of Strzok’s texts before giving his phone to the Inspector General. In other words, Mueller wasn’t seeking the truth, but rather trying to hide it.

In other news, Sather discusses how Johnson & Johnson knew for decades that their baby powder contained asbestos but gave customers no warnings about the hazards. He also gets into the new Space Force and wonders whether it will sit under the Air Force?

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Ghoulish McCain Funeral

We joined many Americans who were disgusted by the overly politicized and ghoulish John McCain funeral. We refrained from commenting much on McCain ahead of the funeral because we were always taught it’s wrong to blaspheme the dead. But after the gross comments by Meghan McCain as well as the pitiful political display by creepy former presidents including George W. Bush and Barack Obama, we’re going to call that funeral exactly what it was: a charade and a final hurrah by a truly corrupt and evil ruling class.

None of you yahoos, Democrats or Republicans, gave two hoots about the American people or our economic well-being. You were too busy selling us out to Globalists and Illuminati scum.

Here, Lionel Nation weighs in, “Tolstoy spake: History would be a wonderful thing if only it were true. Death does not cure or remove the stain of record and history. This week saw two of the most excessive, over-the-top, inappropriate politicized ghoulish processions that had to get the requisite digs in against the President. How trite and tawdry. And thoroughly expected. Too bad, because Aretha was a treasure. ”

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Signs are mounting that the Desperate Dems are growing even more desperate as now they brought Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan on stage with former President Bill Clinton at the Aretha Franklin funeral. Farrakhan isn’t a black leader. He’s specifically an anti-white Islamist. Even the Washington Post ran a story on this, although they cropped nearly half of Farrakhan out of the picture. Harvard Law School professor emeritus Alan Dershowitz blasted Clinton for having Farrakhan on stage with him. More from Bill Still.

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What a Way to Go!

Dixieland jazz bands wail at New Orleans funerals. Green activists are now clamoring to be buried in bio-degradable cardboard coffins. In Taiwan, another unusual funeral rite has become popular — strippers dancing for the dead, and consoling the living, by performing on movable Electric Flower Cars that join funeral processions en route to the graveyard.

This practice originated in rural districts of Taiwan, but has spurred more debate since appearing in Taipei, Taiwan’s capital. Marc L. Moscowitz has now documented the phenomenon in a film called Dancing for the Dead: Funeral Strippers in Taiwan. He interviews academics, journalists, government officials and the strippers themselves to try to make sense of what’s at stake. Here is an excerpt.

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