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They’re Trying To Ruin Them

There’s A DARKER SIDE To The Brand And Boebert ‘Bombshells.’

This report explains what’s happening to Russell Brand and Lauren Boebert and what may or may not be coincidental. Here’s more from Luke Rudkowski on We Are Change.

Hugo Talks isn’t convinced. He sees elements of mind control in the portrayal of Russell Brand or Andrew Tate as anti-establishment players.  They would never have millions of followers if they were truly against the establishment, says Hugo Talks. So what we are seeing is an elaborate pantomime program to distract and misdirect the public.

Release The Distractions

The Democratic Dumpsters — a party of retards no matter how many college and university degrees these fools hold. Let’s visit Senile Sniffy, his son Snorty and the rest of this loser gang hanging around their mansion lair.

Featuring guest appearances by Nancy Pelosi, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and John Fetterman, complementing the forlorn Sniffy (Joe Biden) and Snorty (Hunter Biden). More from The United Spot.

Welcome To Misdirection Month!

If only we could get Vladimir Putin into a submarine, we’d have the ideal distraction. Here’s more from RazorFist.

Let The Unsealing Begin

Patriots around the world will succeed. But we must stay focused and peaceful. We cannot succumb to the Democrats’ push for violence and civil war.

As expected, the indictment of former President Donald Trump did not occur Tuesday As Laura Ingraham on Fox News reported, the Manhattan District Attorney, which has been threatening to indict Trump, wanted to hear from more witnesses before proceeding. So Trump has won a reprieve for at least another day.

In the meantime, we must continue to pray and heed God’s plans. More from And We Know.

Distractions Everywhere! Focus!

aDistractions are popping up everywhere! Stay focused!

China’s Xi Jinping and Russia’s Vladimir Putin meet. Talk of a Trump indictment rattles patriots, while sending the Leftists into a derision of grandeur! Kari Lake discusses election fraud. Let the world witness the truth! Pray! More from And We Know.

On today’s episode of Red Pill News Live, we examine the continuing investigation of the Biden Crime family and the impending arrest of DJT.

Also discussed: Allegations by journalist Ava Chen that Anthony Fauci conducted an illicit sexual affair with Wang Yangyi, the 41-year-old director-general of the Wuhan Institute of Virology. Chen has called upon Congress to examine the email exchanges between Fauci and Wang, and called upon journalists to issue FOIA requests to secure the emails.

The full title of the episode is How To Murder A Nation: The Arrest of Donald J. Trump. More from RedPill 78.


Will There Be A News “Pause”?

The [Deep State] narrative has fallen apart. The objects in the air was a distraction from the truth and facts that were pouring out. More damaging information is about to drop, which means the [Deep State] will most likely push many events to distract the people.

Pence is pushing back against the Special Consult’s subpoena. He is trying to set a precedent. All of this will be used against them in the end. Trump and the patriots have all the leverage. No deals. More from the X22 Report.

Have aliens invaded Earth, or is the trending UFO news just part of a Deep State plot to further an agenda? Could this be a massive distraction from something so much bigger—like train derailments in 3 places in the US, which involved dangerous chemicals?

Around the same time, there was a massive tech blackout and also the Super Bowl. Join Ben Chasteen & Rob Counts for this Edge of Wonder Live as they talk about UFOs, trains, earthquakes, missiles, and of course, the Super Bowl halftime show. More on the Edge of Wonder.

Careful Chasing Shiny Objects

Lt. Gen. Mike Flynn warned us, “Be very careful chasing shiny objects.” We are waking up to the [Deep State] lies. They enmesh us in Nord Stream and Twitter then try to distract us with whispers of space aliens. Pray! More from And We Know.

The [Deep State] is feeling the pain. We are witnessing a full-force narrative shift. This has already failed. They are getting caught up in their narrative.

The freedom of information is now flowing out and the [Deep State] cannot stop it. This is why they are pushing back hard now. They are feeling the pain. More from the X22 Report.

Beware Of Shiny Objects

The [Deep State] is panicking. They do not control the narrative and the people are learning the truth. As the facts come out, the [Deep State] will need to stop it. They are now pushing a UFO distraction and they want the people to look over there instead of where the truth is.

Durham doesn’t seem like he is the only one investigating. More and more evidence shows that the new Supreme Court is investigating election fraud. The case is being built. It is only a matter of time. More from the X22 Report.

Why NanXi Is In Taiwan?

The real reason “NanXi” Pelosi is in Taiwan may shock you! JustInformed Talk says it’s an attempt to distract from more pressing news. Included here is an excellent summary from Indian TV explaining the many obstacles the Communist Chinese would face should they decide to attack or invade Taiwan.

A Clean House: Very Important

The [Deep State] now knows when the forensic audit is going to be released. Think about all of the distractions they put into place to clog the news cycles. They are building the narrative to make it seem like Trump is unhinged and that he would use nuclear weapons. Think mirror.

Jen Psaki says that [Joe Biden]/puppet masters would never foment an insurrection. RED 4. The forensic audit is coming out at the end of this month and the [Deep State] is ready to push their agenda. Buckle up. It’s going to be a rough ride. More from the X22 Report.

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