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Surprise Vice President Coming?

Guy Brummel, from his jail cell in Canada, says to look for mass arrests over the next couple of weeks. Brummel, also known as Agent Magaritaville, has been under arrest since Feb. 3, charged with making threats, spreading conspiracies and criminal harassment.

Here, he appears on McAllister TV to say the end is near for the fraudulent Joe Biden administration. Military tribunals are already on going. These tribunals will be accelerated following mass arrests of U.S. congressional members, governors and others involved in perpetrating fraud and stealing the 2020 election for Joe Biden.

A new election will be set for March and President Donald Trump will run for re-election with a surprise vice president. Until then, the United States will remain under military control. Trust the plan! Look for more details and major bombshells to be revealed over the coming week!

Brummel also is seeking information leading to the arrest of the suspects who murdered Matthew Staikos in Toronto, Canada, in 2018. The founder of Torch Mobile and a former entrepreneur with BlackBerry Ltd., Staikos was related to Brummel.

The CIA Is No More!

Here is part two of Sarge from Icons’ appearance on McAllister TV. Highlights of this episode: The CIA is no more! Nesara/Gesara! World citizen government! Cloaking technology! The battle for our planet! The end of the fraudulent corporation! The best is yet to come!

In this episode, we discuss the newly released video of Hunter Biden confessing to a prostitute that his laptop was stolen by Russian mobsters after he overdosed from doing drugs with another prostitute in a $10k per night penthouse suite. We talk about the intel agencies frame job of Donald Trump with Russian hookers becoming a diversion for their compromised, corrupt puppet Joe Biden’s 2020 run for President. Also, we cover Psalm 26: “A Prayer For Vindication” since we know that we will be ultimately vindicated for rebuking their evil schemes against us. And much more from JustInformed Talk.


Political Polls Utterly Useless

Styxhexenhammer666 says political polls have now been weaponized. They are so stacked, so rigged that they have been rendered utterly useless. They are just like the rest of the mainstream media — run by liars, spreading falsehoods and lies, to benefit the elite establishment. More from Styx.

It’s not just the political polls that are weaponized. We are seeing increasing signs of censorship from the social media platforms, like Twitter, Facebook and Google/YouTube. The Democrats don’t just want to win, they want to obliterate opposing thought. They cannot win fair elections or fair debates. They can only increase censorship and demand allegiance — or the Gulag! More from Mark Dice.

William Binney, a well-known National Security Agency whistleblower, says what’s being described as software “glitches” are, in fact, something much more organized and sinister.

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How do ballot forensic watermark scanners work? Here’s a quick demo from Inglorious Patriots and Net4TruthUSA.

(EDITOR’S NOTE: Attorney General William Barr has called upon all federal prosecutors to pursue “substantial allegations” of voting irregularities before the 2020 Presidential election is certified. This call for stepped-up enforcement came as charges of voter fraud and corruption accelerated, involving several states. Various news organizations have now backtracked on calling the election for Joe Biden, and removed at least four states from the Biden column: Arizona, Georgia, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. These states have not been given to President Donald Trump. Decisions are awaiting certification of the votes, and presumably lawsuits. Following Barr’s announcement, Richard Pilger resigned as Director of the Elections Crime Branch in the Criminal Division of the Justice Department.

Below, is a graphic showing board members and players within Dominion Voting Systems, a Toronto, Canada-based voting machine supplier for many states, whose software has come under increasing scrutiny. What were first perceived as “glitches” are now seeming like something else, as they always involve votes given to Joe Biden and taken from Donald Trump. The company has connections with both Nancy Pelosi and the Clinton Foundation. In addition, Dominion is owned by Avid Technologies, whose majority owner is Richard C. Blum, the husband of US Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-California. How can voting machine companies owned by relatives of Democrats. or by Democratic financiers like George Soros, hold such sizable contracts across the United States? What are the safeguards, if any, protecting against voter graft and corruption?)


How Do You Expose Treason?

The [Deep State] believes the debates are going to expose Trump. It’s the other way around. The patriots are using the debates to bring the corruption to a larger audience, to have people think and question. While all of this is happening James Comey is being questioned by the Senate Judiciary Committee. This is not about having James Comey tell the truth. This is about getting him on record under oath. This will be used against him later on. The patriots are in total control. Trump mission will to break Biden during the debates. Enjoy the show. More from the X22 Report.

What do we have to look forward to in November? Massive ballot fraud and cheating by the polecat Democrats. Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai joins SGTReport to discuss election rigging and massive documented ballot fraud in Massachusetts and around the nation. Dr. Ayyadurai is mounting a write-in campaign for the US Senate from Massachusetts, after being disenfranchised through cheating that he explains here.

Both the Biden-Harris presidential campaign and the campaigns of individual Democrats, like US Rep. Ilhan Omar, D-Minnesota, have been caught with ballot-harvesters. Just how low will they go? What exactly are they doing to pervert and destroy the integrity of our voting system in the United States? More from Lori Colley.

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