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There’s No Turning Back

As the 2020 midterms rapidly approach, the panic-ridden Democrats have nothing to campaign on, other than spewing lies that  MAGA is a minority group and are domestic terrorists. That’s it. There’s no turning back.

Truth And Art TV’s Bernie Suarez says we’re narrating the reverse of America. “We’re watching the enemy completely demask. They can’t put the genie back in the bottle,” he says. “So they’re doubling down.”  Here’s his report.

White Hats Pull A Fast One

Did the White Hats just detonate a time bomb in the Hunter Biden laptop debacle? Truth and Art TV’s Bernie Suarez thinks so.

He says this goes beyond The New York Times admission that the laptop is authentic, which, of course, was plain as day for anyone familiar with the case. Says Suarez, “First of all people, you do realize that this one laptop could be a bigger bomb than than Durham himself.” Or, he adds, will this spark special counsel John Durham to elevate his probe into the Bidens? Think timing. Here are the details from Suarez, who also adds analysis of the Ukraine crisis.

Indicators Of The Plan

From the very beginning of the Great Awakening, the mysterious Q posts have been a key component in the dissemination of information. But patriots would be remiss to discount President Trump’s cryptic comments, which more than likely come with a double meaning.

Sean Morgan welcomes fellow bloggers Bernie Suarez and Patel Patriot to discuss Trump’s high-level strategy in context with the breaking news of the day. Among the topics are the recent revelation from U.S. Rep. Adam Kinzinger that he will not seek re-election, Biden’s bizarre videos at the Vatican, Trump’s statements on the 2024 Presidential election and the Durham investigation.

Removal Of The Old Guard

Bernie Suarez is the creator and owner of Truth and Art TV Project. Bernie begins the conversation explaining that the people are waking up and more have to. The removal the old guard is being conducted in phases and transparency and prosecution is the only way forward. Trump is conducting this behind the scenes and has set everything in motion. The people need to see the truth. More from the X22 Report Spotlight.

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