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Biden Admits: Trump Was Right

Joe Biden admits that TRUMP WAS RIGHT about the Border Wall and may continue to build more border wall to ‘fill in gaps’. Meanwhile, many Democrats and companies like PayPal post EPIC FAILS on Voter ID. Hilarious. More from Mr. Obvious.


Democrats Nuked Themselves

Major League Baseball just pulled the All-Star Game out of Atlanta, complaining about Georgia’s new laws aimed at stopping voting fraud and upholding election integrity. We happen to support Georgia’s voter ID efforts. Elections should not be subject to widespread fraud, and settled based on phony ballots hauled into counting centers after midnight.

2020 was the year America saw our elections turn into full-scale Latin American travesties. Several states where President Donald Trump led — Georgia, Michigan, Arizona, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania, among them — all saw dramatic shifts after post-midnight recounts.

This is how elections in Venezuela and Mexico have been settled for many years. It’s not a system rooted in true democracy, but rather outright vote rigging and fraud.

How does MLB figure into this affair? Tim Pool says the baseball league was looking for any excuse to pull out of Atlanta and go to a new site, Denver, Colorado, where the league can reap higher profits. The baseball executives, including MLB’s head charlatan Rob Manfred, are only suceeding in punishing the poor, mostly black residents, of Atlanta, while rewarding a bunch of rich, white, dope smoking counterparts in Colorado.

You can call that social justice. We call it what it is: Chicanery!

Major League Baseball is experiencing a massive backlash as sports fans reject the crass relocation of the All-Star Game from Georgia to Colorado. You have to wonder if MLB even represents American interests any longer or whether it’s just another woke front for the Chinese, the same as Hollywood and other pro sports leagues, including the NFL and NBA. Many of us are longtime sports fans, but we have had enough. You suppress our rights and play these dirty games, you deserve a monster backlash! More from Dr. Steve Turley.

The Lull Before The Storm

Simon Parkes returns after a long absence to say a storm is approaching, but for now, we remain in what appears to be a lull. In fact, it’s not. Forces are mobilizing for the storm ahead.

Already we are seeing some signs of change. Australia is battling Big Tech. Great Britain has initiated photo IDS for voters to prevent the blatant election rigging seen in the United States.

Otherwise, Parkes gets into the new quantum system of financing soon to be adopted by many countries and banking systems, and explains how it might impact cryptocurrencies. This is spurring greater investments in gold, silver and land.

Absolute Proof

Here is a two-hour documentary from Mike Lindell, CEO of My Pillow, that categorically proves the 2020 Presidential election was a sham. Not only did the Democrats steal the election for The Great Pretender, Joe Biden, but the Democrats were assisted in doing so by the Communist Chinese and other foreign nations.

Watch the documentary and see exactly how the election was rigged and the voting machines manipulated to give a victory to Biden, when in fact, he was resoundingly beat by President Donald Trump.

Of course, we shall see if Biden gets deposed and booted out on his ass, like the flea-bitten weasel and criminal he is. Could happen, although doubtful given the nation’s corrupt and worthless mainstream media, as well our sinister politicians and their strong-arm allies in the FBI and CIA.

What can we do as individuals? Never again vote for a Democratic thug nor for any of the Republican — like Sens. Mitch McConnell and Mitt Romney — playing the same deceitful games as the Democrats.

Seek out alternative media to get a better handle on the truth than you’ll ever receive from the TV networks or Leftist rags like the New York Times and Washington Post. All these outlets do is provide cover for the crooks in charge — the same crooks involved in trafficking children for sex as well as drug running.

Also, insist upon election reform. States should drop any voting machines that can accessed from overseas and manipulated online using algorithms to manufacture fake votes. Push for voting IDs to safeguard against illicit ballots. If illegal immigrants want to vote, devise a means whereby they can vote in their own national elections, not deprive us of our votes or steal our elections.

GO Time

There’s knuckleheadery afoot. Whether it’s adjusted ballots, or late ballots, or phony ballots, the United States ran a general election that could rival the best that Venezuela or Cuba had to offer. Total buffoonery, aggravated by more than the usual trickery and crookery from the Democratic Party and its stooges in the mainstream media. It’s blatantly obvious now the Democrats mean to take over by any means necessary. We could focus on the chicanery but that’s all headed to the courts, so why bother? Instead, we’re going to fist bump or neighbors and dance with the cockatoos, because it’s time for In Pursuit of Truth.

It’s a corrupt system. Listen as Corey Lewandowski, former chair of President Donald Trump’s campaign, and Pam Bondi, the former Florida Attorney General, address the public in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania — one of the prime centers for the election fraud that was so flagrant¬† this year. What kinds of safeguards can be enacted to end this corruption? Will we be able to identify and prosecute, as well as fine and jail, the perpetrators? More from And We Know.

Why did Fox News call Arizona so early for Joe Biden? Is there nothing to see here, or has Fox News turned into a despotic voice for the Cabal and the corrupt Democrats? Meanwhile, can the Republicans take back the US House. Each day, the GOP is getting closer to that goal. At last count, 193 Republican House members had been elected, and 208 Democrats. There are still 34 races that have yet to be called. More from the Black Conservative Patriot.

The economy continues to improve. The unemployment number has come down to 7%. The economy is seeing a very strong V recovery. Trump was right again. This next battle is going to be fierce. The [Central Bankers] will pull out all the stops to keep control. The [Deep State]/Mainstream Media are now in the process of convincing the American people that [Joe Biden] has won the election. The art of war. The [DS] is a system. The system is our enemy. People cannot be told what it is. They must see it. The people who are asleep are part of that system, but once the system is exposed, the people will begin to wake up. This is not an easy process. It will be painful. More from the X22 Report.

TRUreporting pays homage to the digital solders leading the charge in the Second American Revolution. In this episode, journalist John Solomon announces a new investigative project. His team of reporters will travel to four states — Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin and Arizona — looking to uncover instances of election abuse and voter fraud. The focus will be on Democratic counties that reported vote counts totaling in excess of 100 percent of the population.

This is part of a comprehensive effort to strengthen our weak electoral system, which has become fraught with corruption. Will we see a new voter ID developed in time for the next election to improve security and stop fraud?


Why We Need Voter ID

Democrats claim Voter ID is racist and suppresses votes, but most studies show the opposite is the case. Could a lack of potential voter fraud be the reason why? More from Red Eagle Politics.

A Tale of Three Houses

In Pursuit of Truth goes all pursuity in relating the tales surrounding Michael Baden, the forensic pathologist called in to investigate the death of Jeffrey Epstein. Baden has had a long career, having probed the deaths of John F. Kennedy and Martin Luther King, as well as testifying at the O.J. Simpson trial. Here, we scroll through a variety of houses where MK-Ultra fillies and pedigreed journalists, including Martha Mitchell and Dorothy Kilgallen, met their fates.

Don Lemon is sued for sexual assault. The Google tech insider is revealed. The guards at the Manhattan Correctional Center were falsifying their records to make it appear they were checking in on Jeffrey Epstein every 30 minutes, when, in fact, they were not. Here we meet a woman said to be a close confidante of Ghislaine Maxwell — editor and publisher Ariadne Calvo-Platero, a founding partner at Family Central Consultants. She is also a trustee and vice president at the Train Foundation, which has sponsored the international Civil Courage Prize. It honors extraordinary individuals whose acts, undertaken deliberately, over time, have demonstrated “steadfast resistance to evil at great personal risk.”¬† More from RedPill78.

More and more people are entering the Presidential race. The latest: Al Sharpton is thinking about it. Nadler impeachment is denied by a judge. The wall is being built on the border and it is working to keep undocumented immigrants out of the US. Trump just made a major push towards voter ID. The gun control debate is about tracking all weapons, doing away with the Second Amendment. Strange pics surfaced: Bill Clinton in a dress with heels. The [Deep State] is being exposed with truth. As the facts come out, the people will see who and what they are. There will be no need to expose them because they will expose themselves. More from the X22 Report.


Epstein Prosecution Real

Jeff Epstein is already trying to make a deal. He will serve five years in prison in return for information he supplies on pedophiles and criminal wrongdoers. More from Bill Still.

In Pursuit of Truth has a far-ranging video that crisscrosses the globe, delving into everything from the abortion trade in Vietnam to new management improvements for the B2 bomber.

One of the Antifa individuals was arrested and indicted. Trump defends the founder of Home Depot. IG interviewed Steele. The dossier is fake and it’s all falling apart. FBI/CIA and Big Tech are meddling in the elections. Border pics that are being used are from 2014. Court says Trump cannot block commenters on Twitter. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-NY, is blocking users and getting sued. Peace plan in Afghanistan moves forward. Q drops more bread, news unlocks. Info being scrubbed from the internet. Symbolism will be their downfall. More from the X22 Report.

We offer a second video from X22 Report, as news keeps intensifying. Here,¬† “Video produced showing Trump did not forcibly kiss the staffer. Trump was right. Arrest in Puerto Rico. Corruption, using Federal Aid for other purposes. Mueller team finish their investigation before the midterm. Why did he wait so long, we know why. Jeffrey Epstein ties go really deep. Pelosi explains to migrants how to avoid ICE. The DS pushes their agenda in Iran. It is not working, a new deal is coming. Q drops more bread. Planned Parenthood will be in the news. Voter ID will be making the news, Julian Assange will shine the light on the DNC hack story. Stealth bomber incoming. The shift in power and control has begun and the DS is panicking.

McAllister TV delves into fake news lies as she explores the role of Mark Zuckerberg, Enemy of the people!

Voter ID Debated

Candace Owens debates Black Lives Matters activist Hawk Newsome in Candace’s new show for PragerU.


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