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The Characteristics Of Cults

People are becoming monsters. People are becoming shadow versions of themselves. Now, out on the fringes, where the Greyhound bus stations used to be found, the cult leaders still wait to draw in the weak, the confused and those with unanswered questions.

More from the Truthstream Media, delving into the studies of Janja Lalich. She is a professor emeritus of sociology at California State University in Chico, Calif., who specializes in the dynamics of cults and cult leaders.

The Cult Of Victimhood

Black Pigeon Speaks addresses why the cult of victimhood will likely destroy America — for good.

Movement Or Religion?

Antiracist mobs may operate more like a cult than a social justice movement. Glenn Beck shows how today’s woke Americans, fueled in part by today’s Black Lives Matter movement, strive for social justice like members of a new religion. But, like the Roman Catholic Church’s inquisition, these devout followers will destroy anybody who refuses to accept their radical ideology. Learn more with Beck on this edition of The Blaze.

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The Left Defends Their Cult

Is Leftism a Cult and if so, what might their doctrine be? I tell you what I have determined by listening closely to them for a few years. I go over the ways in which Leftists are like Scientologists by looking at the concept of “Suppressive People” and how once someone has dared to question Cult Doctrine they are ostracized, smeared and attacked. I also go over a whole bunch of people who have been declared to be in violation of Leftist Cult Doctrine. More from Amazing Polly.

The Gloria Vanderbilt Necklace

In this episode of McAllisterTV, Linda Paris examines the jewelry of Gloria Vanderbilt and shows how the necklaces and other pieces embody Phoenician or Carthaginian symbols representing child sacrifice and pedophilia. These are dark pieces, fully suggestive of necrophilia, including varied red beads that could actually symbolize instances of child sacrifice. There’s also a further discussion of Tanit, the goddess whose temple was a place of sacrifice in Carthage, or contemporary Tunisia.

And, here’s a treat, a discussion on culture, the war on culture and cutting-edge Q research involving Dustin Nemos and Linda Paris. They discuss how the pedophilia and occult trappings are designed to lock people into cults, with no way out.

The Whole World is Watching

Yes, the Satanic Death Cult is losing ground. Harley Schlanger joins SGTReport to discuss the very latest Trump victories against the deep state Clinton, Podesta, Comey, FBI networks. “I think we’re about to see some dominoes fall,” Harley says, “This is a gang of criminal mafioso, pedophiles, and I would say Satanists, they have a satanic hatred of human beings. But where every single President, including Ronald Reagan, submitted on some level to this FBI deep state threat, Trump has not. And for that reason alone, he deserves support.”

Treacherous Death Cult Exposed

The release of the Devin Nunes’ “FISA memo” should have helped ALL Americans to recognize the deep-rooted treachery of the Deep State. But the opposite has occurred. The Left, along with the mainstream media it controls, has painted the picture for their willfully ignorant followers that President Trump is a mad dictator who now must be toppled to prevent any further “lies.” And it is now painfully clear that truth alone will never be enough to help us bridge this gargantuan MORAL gap. The latest from the SgtReport.

What Happened to Manson?

On November 19th, 2017, the infamous Manson family cult leader Charles Manson died at the age of 83. While discussing the Manson Family provokes flashbacks to the gruesome murders in August 1969 by Manson’s followers, very few people examine the backstory which leads to these types of tragedies. You cannot understand Charles Manson as an adult without understanding what happened to him in his childhood. What is the truth about Charles Manson? Stefan Molyneux reflects on the cult leader.


Bizarre Sex Cult Busted

Mexican authorities have broken up a sex cult that had cast a wide net from Spain to Argentina, but apparently was based just across the US border in the Mexican city of Nuevo Laredo. At the head of the cult: A Spaniard who claimed to be a reincarnation of Christ. But if so, he had forsaken the spirit for the flesh, as he demanded that all of his women followers have sex with him.

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