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Global Communication Blackout

The [Deep State] is now pushing a communications blackout. Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and many other providers are experiencing problems. Is this a test run or the real blackout? We will see. This wasn’t a DDOS attack. The DNS Record were deleted.

Was this an inside job? This happened right after the whistleblower appeared on 60 Minutes. Scavino sent another message: A video of Trump shooting a golf ball and getting a hole in one past another ball that was very close to the hole. The clock is ticking down for the [Deep State]. Pain and the truth are coming. More from the X22 Report.

Former CIA officer Michael Jaco and Florida pundit CirstenW discuss the Facebook blackout, which also took down many cell phone companies. CirstenW says the outage likely is tied to the Starlink satellite constellation. It is operated by SpaceX and provides Internet access for much of the Earth. More than 1,600 satellites are part of that network, many flying in low-Earth orbit.

On this episode, we discuss the high probability that Facebook’s latest “whistleblower” is just a piece of a well-orchestrated deep state PSYOP to impose further restraints on free speech broadly across the internet. We also cover the latest news. And I share more verses that will help you spread the Gospel of Christ! More from JustInformed Talk.,


Three Days Of Darkness

Looks like we could be facing three days of darkness as authorities make arrests connected to the 150,000+ federal indictments now pending.  Initially there was talk of a 10-day blackout, so three days would be relatively quick. During this period, phones will likely go dark and the Internet could go dark as well.  Originally it was believed that television would go dark but now it appears programming will continue as scheduled. The only remaining question: When will this period begin? More from cirstenw.

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Welcome To Clown World

Welcome back to New World Next Week – the video series from The Corbett Report and Media Monarchy that covers some of the most important developments in open source intelligence news. This week:

  • Story #1: Hong Kong Leader Jeered Out Of Legislative Council During Policy Speech
  • Story #2: No More Pillow Talk – Phones In Bed Taking A Toll On Relationships, Sex Lives
  • Story #3: Scary Clowns Are Everywhere

You Are Being Groomed

Big Tech is predatory. Right now – through SMARTphones and Apps they are softening you (and your kids) up for a lifetime of exploitation. More from Amazing Polly.

I Know How We Can Hurt Them

Amazing Polly offers her suggestion on how to stop the Globalist parade. Just drop your smart phones. Don’t give the Globalists the means to track your whereabouts. Turn off the smart phones, and see how quickly they react.

Do you think George Soros and the Koch Brothers — some of the better known Globalist assholes — would get the picture? Wonder if they would offer us free smart phones, just to maintain their charade?

As long as we’re thumbing our noses at the Globalists, we can also start using cash again. Maybe have a credit card as a backup, but try to use it as sparingly as possible.

Not only the Koch Brothers and Soros, but all of the Globalist pigs are starting to come together to attack free speech. Styxhexenhammer666 says Mark Zuckerberg, Patreon and Mozilla have all joined the League of Super Villains along with the evil Soros and Koch Brothers.

Bill Whittle gives us three reasons to break up social media, starting with the YouTube, Google and Facebook, but including any other companies that use algorithms to suppress free speech. This is not merely the revenge of the Right over demonetization. Bias without consent, practical monopoly status, and the distinction between carriers and publishers all lead to the conclusion that even conservatives should cheer the dissolution of these “private” businesses.

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This Generation Is In Trouble

In the book “Brain Rules for Baby,” neuroscientist John Medina states how cell phones and texting are creating a stunt in social development, to the point where normal kids are operating at autistic levels! This only confirms that the technology we have in our hands was not meant to help us, but ultimately hurt us, and eventually fulfill Revelation 13. More from FaceLiketheSun.

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Why the Vault 7 Release Now?

Who really leaked VAULT 7 details on CIA eavesdropping thru your TV and cellphone? Did ‘good guys’ really expose these Deep State secrets — or were they leaked for a sinister purpose by ‘bad guys?’

And why now? Why is this the perfect time for the real leaker to expose Deep State spying to the general public?

As America realizes NSA wiretapping is out of control and reels at the thought of illegal CIA surveillance, are we distracted from the shocking fact that Obama wiretapped Trump Tower to help Hillary win the 2016 election?

Should we be happy or suspicious that Wikileaks (Julian Assange) supposedly leaked these Vault 7 documents exposing Deep State spying on every American citizen in violation of the 4th Amendment?

(EDITOR’S NOTE: This video has been removed from YouTube, presumably censored. In its absence, we present from Bitchute another video, by Dazzling1, revealing how Vault 7 shows the CIA is using smart TVs, phones and PCs to spy upon the general public.)


Cell Phone in the Roaring ’20s

In the DVD’s extras of Charlie Chaplin’s legendary film The Circus, people were given access to photos of the premiere in 1928. Among the photos was a shot of a woman seemingly talking into a cellphone. Skeptics claimed it was just an earphone, but this doesn’t explain why the woman was laughing and talking into the device. Celebrated sci-fi filmmaker George Clarke chimed in, stating this was proof of time travelers. Check out nine other mysterious photos in this edition of Hybrid Librarian.

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Obama Phones for Heroin

James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas investigates the $2.2 billion dollar LifeLine Program, aka ‘Obama Phones,’ and finds disturbing evidence of employees condoning the sale of the phones to buy heroin and expensive handbags.

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Science Fiction Becomes Fact

Where science fiction becomes science fact – that is the place Hank Green is exploring in today’s episode of SciShow. Many inventions we use today were first imagined in stories that described fantastical futures. Hank talks about the origins of four of these: the cell phone, the submarine, the telemanipulator (or robot arm), and the taser. Blast off for knowledge!

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