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Another Hollywood Elite Dead

Bob Saget is the latest Hollywood star to die after confirming he was vaxed and received a booster shot. Meanwhile, the New Year brings new strain and Washington State is prepping citizens for internment. More from RedPill78.

In this episode, we discuss a set of independent stories that could possibly spell out the next global crisis with rumors emerging from China of an “Ebola-like hemorrhagic fever,” shortly after Russia claims rioters (presumably angry over the arrest of the Prime Minister connected to Hunter Biden and Joe via the ‘laptop from hell’) in Kazakhstan broke into a U.S. maintained bioweapons lab, possibly leaking an unknown number of pathogens. And much more news from JustInformed Talk.

Oregon Has Gone Bonkers

There was a time when the state of Oregon was the shining star of the Pacific Northwest, mostly liberal, but still a great place to raise a family. That all changed when far Left radicals began filtering into the Beaver State and turned it upside down.

And it hasn’t recovered since. In last Tuesday’s general election, one of the most despicable Leftists in Oregon, Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler, who stood by during the recent civil unrest and literally watched the destruction of this proud city, was re-elected. Why? Because his opponent was an even-more radical member of Antifa. Not one decent Portlander could muster the courage to run against this cretin. Unbelievable!

And if that wasn’t enough to make you puke, the Oregon electorate again stunned the nation when they voted to legalize a variety of hard drugs–heroin, meth amphetamine, LSD, crack cocaine and regular cocaine. Wow! Now that’s going to calm down the looters and rioters, isnt’ it? You just can’t make this stuff up. It’s insane!

The revelation at the polls understandably sent Bill O’Reilly into a frenzy. “In this country, between 60 and 70 percent of all child neglect and abuse is committed by adult substance abusers. Get it? If you’re going to take hard drugs, you’re going to abuse and neglect your children.” Here’s more from O’Reilly  on The First channel.

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Americans Reject Leftist Rioters

Leftist rioters are beginning to destroy themselves. Americans are rejecting these insurgents and their violent radicalism. More from Dr. Steve Turley.

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The mainstream media is panicking because the riots are backfiring on Democrats. Now that leftist media has no choice but admit there have been ongoing violent riots for months, their only move is to blame Trump.

Media outlets and journalists are trying to claim that Trump wanted the chaos and conflict so that he could appear to be strong on crime. In reality, Trump didn’t even react until the 39th day of rioting in Portland and on top of that Federal law enforcement is not even operating outside their jurisdiction.

Democrats are trapped downstream from culture so they claim it’s not happening. They support the protesters, or even join in like Mayor Ted Wheeler did in Portland. All this backfires on Democrats, who look insane for joining in on the chaos. So the only move left for the media is to say “oh yeah?? But Trump WANTED this to happen!” Of course, that is a complete lie. More from Tim Pool.

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Portland Protesters Get Vanned

Protesters in Portland, oregon, are getting vanned. Mysterious federal agents, in unmarked vans, are abducting these rioters right off the streets. More from Mr. Obvious.

Democrats are outraged. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi lifted up her Titos-smeared lips to complain on Twitter: “Unidentified stormtroopers. Unmarked cars. Kidnapping protesters and causing severe injuries in response to graffiti. These are not the actions of a democratic republic.”

The Oregon attorney general vowed to sue the federal government and publicly supported the protesters.

Our opinion: All of us across America paid for the federal buildings in Portland with our taxes. If the Antifa and Black Lives Matter protesters there insist on burning down government buildings, they should go after city buildings that Portland people erected. But if they are tearing down our federal buildings, stop them dead in their tracks!

More from Tim Pool.

The Department of Homeland Security has overriden Portland’s local authorities and sent in forces to put an end to the 50+ days of non-stop rioting in this hive of progressive scum and villainy. Media will attempt to gaslight people into thinking the anarchists and Black Lives Matter revolutionaries were entirely peaceful, but this is far from the case. More from Akkad Daily.

No, it isn’t Libertarian to side with rioting Communists. And it isn’t bootlicking to want arsonists and vandals to be arrested.

Styxhexenhammer666 delivers a quick political sermon about the storm that Leftists are provoking, building up now in the suburbs and rural areas. Some big-city mayors and council members in douchebag cities like Portland, Seattle, Minneapolis and New York City might think they are winning. These grandstanding politicians will soon be proven dead-wrong.

Toppling Statues

Statues honoring George Washington, General Ulysses S. Grant (who DEFEATED the Confederacy), the author of the National Anthem, and other important figures in history have been destroyed.

This is not about promoting racial harmony—it’s about hating America. More from PragerU.

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Fla. Sheriff: Blow ‘Em Away

After his department discovered various social media posts urging protesters to enter residential communities to loot, riot and begin fires, Polk County, Florida Sheriff Grady Judd urged them to think again and exercise their Second Amendment rights. “All we said is what every citizen in the United States has a right to do,” Judd says. “Your home and in your house, and looters take to the neighborhoods and they’re going to break into your house to rob, to steal to set your house on fire, why wouldn’t you blow them out of your house with a firearm? To me it was just common sense.” Judd also opines on the communities that choose to stand down and let the looters run wild, and explains the difference between the peaceful protestors and chaotic anarchists on this episode of The Blaze with Glenn Beck.

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