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This Didn’t End Well

Former President Donald Trump stirs the flames of injustice with his violence in an elevator. How can the Democratic politicians, the washed-up actors and the lying press embellish this brazen act? Tune in and find out on The United Spot.

More Rapidly Decaying Stars!

Hollywood looks hideous! Check out the grotesque babes and rapidly decaying stars! The sky-high price of adrenochrome will never salvage these monsters!

Also in this edition: Trump arrest! Ancient witchcraft! John McCain’s tribunal! Cornelius Agrippa! Dome! All that and more courtesy of the latest edition of McAllister TV.

Hollywood Now Decomposing

The decomposition of Hollywood! Avoid going downwind from the stench!

Who are these people? Who has the clearance to grasp the full picture? Admiral Michael S. Rogers + JFK + Trump! Who are the anons of Q?

Mega meme extravaganza! Martial law! Gold fringe! Never fly above 40,000 feet again! Plus, we take a new look at the George H.W. Bush Funeral! And this and more from McAllister TV.

War Against Trump Supporters

It’s not just the Big Tech television networks that foster hate against Trump supporters. The Satanists who pull most of the strings in Hollywood also are deeply involved.

This covers a wide gamut from extremists like Robert DeNiro, Kathy Griffin and Rob Reiner to stars like Madonna and Al Pacino lending their names and presence to Trump-hating movies, TV shows and music videos. More from Mark Dice.

Saving The World

Members of the January 6th Select Committee commiserate with fellow Leftists upon learning no subpoena will be issued to former President Donald Trump. More from The United Spot.

Peekaboo: That’s A Man, Baby!

What does Peekaboo mean? “Peekaboo” Letitia James stole another election! Demonrat election fraud Peekaboo James is a man baby! Peekaboo gender check kit! Peekaboo remote desktop program! Siouxsie Peekaboo Illuminati blood harvesting ritual in our faces! More from McAllister TV.

Meathead: Wanker of Week

Meme the Left awards its Wanker of the Week to Meathead. That’s right, Rob Reiner. He was demanding a Trump indictment over an MSNBC Russia story that proved to be entirely bogus. So up your nose with a rubber hose, Mr. Reiner. And same goes to the lying “journalists” of MSNBC!

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High Strangeness and Epstein

Authors Donald Jeffries & John Barbour join the SGTReport to discuss the high strangeness surrounding the supposed death of Jeffrey Epstein, and much more. Thanks for tuning in!

Red Pilled Dog (formerly McAllister TV) takes on Rob Reiner, the Liberal Hollywood weasel who is forever challenging President Donald Trump. How much of that noise is designed to deflect the widespread guilt of Hollywood’s pedophiles, who have been preying upon child actors for decades now? Hey, Rob Reiner, stop projecting your own crimes upon the President. We can see through your meltdowns! Your panic! Time you pay the piper!

Jeffrey Epstein kept “meticulous diaries” on all of his associates and friends. Beneath the temple, on his Caribbean island, there was a three-story underground complex. Dr. Marc Siegal says he’s never seen anyone taken off suicide watch after only a two-week elapse in time. More on the Epstein case from Dustin Nemos.

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A dangerous duchess and a “dead” man. What exactly does George Clooney have to do with Meghan Markle? Was she a “yacht girl” for Jeffrey Epstein? The questions are beginning to pile up. More from the DanjA ZonE.

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Crime of the Kentucky Derby

SerialBrain2 says the Kentucky Derby was a crime — one involving a magic spell that went all the way to Russia. See this video and come to recognize the need all of us to put on the full armor of God. We are involved in a battle that is not for the ignorant nor for the faint-hearted.

Hellywood panic breaks 10! Goes to 11! Creep factor rising! Booms to come! Sen. Joseph McCarthy was more right than anyone ever knew. We had spies, Commies and Leftist bums everywhere in Hollywood, as well as New York and Washington, D.C. Let’s learn more about these smarmy losers, from Bill Maher to Rob Reiner. More from McAllister TV.

Roger Stone wants the information on the DNC hack. Discovery is a wonderful thing. Judicial Watch reports Adam Schiff to the ethics board. Judicial Watch shows Obama was the gatekeeper in the White House. Rudy Giuliani is not going to Ukraine. John Brennan is worried about the IG report. Comey tries to cover up everything with a tweet. Lindsey Graham goes after Kathleen Kavalec, the former deputy assistant Secretary of State. Ben Carson, the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, says that illegals can not get free housing anymore. Training camp found in Alabama. The house of cards is not coming down. More from the X22 Report.

The narrative war is reaching peak crazy. The left has absolutely nothing. The conservatives are preparing to serve justice. More from Dustin Nemos.

Destroying the Illusion talks about the LA gun bust, NXIVM, the Colorado shooting, vaccines and all the latest Q news.

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Freeman Goes Full Libtard

Morgan Freeman declares war on Russia in a bizarre new PSA produced by the “Committee to Investigate Russia,” which consists of some folks form Hollywood. Mark Dice reports.

And here’s Lionel Nation’s response, focusing on the role of Meathead (Rob Reiner) in the Blame Russia campaign. It’s apparently Meathead who has been weaponizing Morgan Freeman and eliciting his involvement in the campaign. Hey, Reiner, how about you stick with rancid pork?

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