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Joe Biden Embarrasses America

Is there any politician in recent memory as embarrassing as Joe Biden? Wednesday he met privately with Vladimir Putin at the G7 Summit in the United Kingdom. Good thing it was private, so the world at large won’t witness the dressing down that Putin likely delivered to the Buffoon, Biden. More from Mark Dice.

Tim Pool echoes these comments. Joe Biden, he says, is getting humiliated by Putin. Biden is so stupid and poorly prepared that he’s using a cheat sheet of “flash cards” to help him address Putin. In other words, Liberals have given us a nincompoop as president. What a bunch of weasels and chumps!

Talk Of UFO Termination Event

As Joe Biden makes a mockery of the United States at the G7 world summit, news turns to Arizona, where the first election audit is nearing completion. Look for other audits in other states to follow, says Jordan Sather. In this Destroying the Illusion video, he also touches upon rumors of a UFO “termination event,” the latest vax updates as well as a new Q assessment done by the FBI and secured, naturally, by CNN.

Continue to lift up your voice. Audit exposure is near. Victory is close at hand. Pray! More from And We Know.

Masters And Slaves

When is enough is enough? More from Paul Joseph Watson.

Remember when the pandemic first began and politicians spoke of “temporary” solutions. Now, these same leaders and their academic toadies are trying to extend al of the “temporary” measures and make them permanent prescriptions. In other words, they want to round all of us up, strip away our freedoms, and force us into some crappy corner of some monstrous hellhole. More from Computing Forever.

Economic Apocalypse Pending

Bob Kudla joins Zak Paine for another conversation about the economic state of America and what’s to come. Look for gold and silver, as well as cryptocurrencies, to shine in the year ahead. But there will be turmoil, especially the home rental market, as companies like Blackrock scarf up more of the dwellings on the market. More from RedPiull78.

The controllers at the White House can’t be too happy with their boy Joey. What a mess at the G7! God’s promises never fail, and things are getting HOT in the key audits where 13 states who—like the original 13 colonies—are taking notes. More from Lori Colley.

On today’s second episode of RPN, we look a little deeper at some new information from Fulton County and look ahead at the audits coming I the wake of Maricopa County completing theirs! Happy Birthday Mr. President! Also, a secret Department of Justice investigation has been revealed on some high-level Democrat members of the House, including Eric Swalwell and Adam Schiff! More from RedPill78.

America Going Its Own Way

Under President Donald Trump, the USA is starting to go down its own path, no longer tied so much to Europe or to Mexico and Canada. These countries have long taken advantage of the USA, applying unfavorable tariffs that stifle the sale of American goods, even though these are the same countries we extended aid after WWII. Now, these nations are aghast as Trump proposes a new role in G7 for Russia. More from Black Pigeon Speaks.

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