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Borrowing Puts Us All At Risk

John Rubino, author of The Coming Collapse of the Dollar,  joins Greg Hunter on USAWatchdog.com to discuss the political wrangling surrounding moves to raise the federal government’s debt ceiling. Most of us have heard Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen’s dire warnings. We all know the Republicans and Democrats will most likely coalesce at the end and raise the debt.

But what other horrid pieces of legislation will be stuffed silently into the debt bill at the last minute? Why can’t these clowns ever seem to pass bills in a more open, logical and transparent manner? Why must the sausage be squeezed so violently?

And when will the government ever reduce its spending as opposed to driving us all to the brink? Catastrophic borrowing can only lead to calamity.


On Verge Of Banking Apocalypse

We not only could see bank failures, but literally scores if not hundreds of banks fail in the worst financial crisis of modern times. That’s the assessment of Michael Snyder, who says we’re facing a doom loop that could cause a near-total societal breakdown.

Snyder is the author of the recent book End Times. Here, he goes One-on-One with Greg Hunter on USA Watchdog.com.

United Nations’ Power Grab

Join Greg Hunter of USAWatchdog.com as he goes one-on-one with hard-hitting journalist Alex Newman, founder of LibertySentinel.org, author of the book Deep State and a contributor to The Epoch Times.

Newman reports how the United Nations is conniving to seize more authority on a global level, usurping duties previously handled by nation states. Likewise, he discusses similar power grabs from Bill Gates and the World Health Organization.

Throw in the World Economic Forum and you’ve got a host of takeover plans packed with wickedness, straight from the bowels of Hell.

Biden Approval Near 10 %

Joe Biden’s approval as President is so shaky, he can barely muster the support of even 10 percent of Americans. That’s a level of calamity we have never seen before in the United States.

Here, to explain it all, is pundit Martin Armstrong on Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com. Armstrong also discusses the rampaging inflation as well as the hidden costs of the Ukraine War.

Real Estate Flatlines Economy

A shaky real estate market is beginning to flatline banks and could lead to a widening economic crisis.

That’s the assessment of John Rubino, who explains the dangers we face, especially those rooted in a depressed commercial real estate market. He sees a possible bloodbath in the making. Rubino offers his analysis on Greg Hunter’s  USAWatchdog.com.

Nuclear Stand-Off Close?

Will the world be embroiled in a nuclear conflict within the next two to three weeks? That’s what pundit and best-selling author Steve Quayle fears.

He cites Redacted‘s Clayton Morris, who claims World War III will be unleashed in April and likely will encompass nuclear detonations. Already, NATO nations are threatening to send 300,000 troops to surround Soviet forces. Russia,  meanwhile, has established a nuclear launch site within Belarus, close to the Polish border.

Here, Quayle offers a sobering vision of what such an End of Days confrontation might entail. He speaks with Greg Hunter on USAWatchdog.com.

Growing Distrust Of Doctors

Chris Martenson, one of the very first pundits to point out the failings of the vaccines, rejoins USAWatchdog.com to discuss the growing common knowledge that these vaccines were flawwed.

As more deaths and illnesses arise from the vaccines, the public has come to distrust the medical establishment that lied outright about Covid-19 and the vaxx. The anger will grow, in particular, because these establishment idiots pushed the killing vaccines on children and adolescents. How many will ever believe the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention or the Food and Drug Administration again?

Martenson shares his thoughts with Greg Hunter of USAWatchdog.com. In addition to Covid-19, he gets into the increasing banking calamities we are witnessing, as well as rising fears of World War III.




The Neocons Need A War

The Neocons need a war because they don’t have any other way to solve the money crisis they have created.The Neocons, who include both Democrats and Republicans, exert their hunger for power by attempting to control all aspects of society. They not only want to limit what we can say or write, but also dictate what we can purchase, how much it will cost, where we can buy it, every phase of our lives.

That’s the assessment of Martin Armstrong, a cycle expert and author of the new book The Rise of The Neocons. It’s just been published this week. Armstrong appears here as a guest of Greg Hunter on USAWatchdog.com.

A Tsunami Of Vax Deaths

Look for a tsunami of vax deaths and disabilities over the next few years that will kill or permanently harm as many as one billion individuals worldwide. That’s the forecast from Betsy Eads, one of the doctors who has been most outspoken about the Covid-19 vaccines, labeling them a “true bioweapon.”

Eads appears on USA Watchdog, interviewed by journalist Greg Hunter. The enormous upward spike in deaths is occurring “all over the world,” she says. Few patients have been prepared for the damage, as the medical establishment lied about the risks associated with the vaccines, as did multiple celebrity and sports figures hired by the Big Pharma companies to push taking the vaccines.

Their chief downfall? They weaken the hearts of patients, causing myocarditis and sudden death. And you might still be at risk even if you haven’t taken the vaccines.

Here, Dr. Eads talks about the dangers of transmission. She says unvaccinated individuals can come in contact with spike proteins disseminated by vaccinated patients through a process sometimes labeled “shedding,” although Eads explains why she finds that term a bit confusing.

BOMBSHELL interview with Pascal Najadi and attorney Todd Callender. The dam of disinformation and lies regarding the Pfizer & Moderna bioweapon vax is breaking with Switzerland and Thailand leading the way by bringing justice to those responsible for crimes against humanity. More from the SGTReport.

Have Saudis Ended Petrodollar?

Saudi Arabia’s Finance Minister Mohammed Al-Jadaan says the Saudis are now open to settling trade in currencies beyond the U.S. dollar. The announcement came at the World Economic Forum (WEF) meeting in Davos, Switzerland.

Does this signal the end of the petrodollar? If so, says, Greg Hunter, we better brace for a monstrous economic crash. More from Hunter on his channel USAWatchdog.com