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Cayce Arizona Mystery

Please join us as Dark Journalist Daniel Liszt goes deep on mysterious trips the Sleeping Prophet Edgar Cayce made to an Arizona Azurite mine guided by the source of his readings. Cayce made the trip with a Harvard trained engineer and during a month there they witnessed unusual spirit communication, apparitions and revelations regarding the true nature of the Atlantean Tuaoi Stone and its meaning for humanity.

The UFO File War, X-Protect

Dark Journalist Daniel Liszt goes deep on the real story of UFOs and moves by all covert sides to control the narrative going into 2022. DJ takes us from 1947 through 2021 and into the investigation of New Orleans DA Jim Garrison who in 1967 came directly in contact with X-Protect, a covert intelligence aerospace arm that controls the UFO File, Kenneth Arnold., the pilot who first observed UFOs, and Fred Krisman, a “Boeing Assassin” who had been involved in the first major UFO Case of Maury Island!

Let’s See UFO Truth Disclosure

Exclusive Interview with Author and Researcher John W Warner IV, the son of Mellon banking heiress Catherine Mellon and legendary Virginia Senator John W. Warner III, who sadly passed away on Tuesday, May 25th.

Warner tells us that his cousin, Former Defense Intelligence Official Chris Mellon, was carefully chosen to help promote a false UFO Threat and that his bizarre pairing with Counterintelligence Agent Lue Elizondo shows the Deep State is desperate to pull off a massive covert operation. The major effort to keep the Wall of Secrecy on advanced technology in place in order to hide the UFO reality from the public is being orchestrated by CIA and DIA officials trying to make it appear that Mellon and Elizondo are whistleblowers after decades of working in intelligence circles.

Warner reveals that his father encouraged him before he died to pursue the truth at all costs and was deeply concerned for keeping America free in the face of massive secrecy by black ops buried deep in the government. The Senator revealed to to his son that his activities in Operation Deep Freeze in Antarctica were actually related to COVERT SPACE OPERATIONS! More from the Dark Journalist Daniel Liszt.

X State Of The Union

The Dark Journalist Daniel Liszt delivers an X State of the Union, focusing on UFOs and the Deep State. He reveals the latest moves by the CIA to steer UFO disclosure as a threat narrative in the corporate media to create hysteria for their global invasion op.

In addition, the Dark Journalist looks deeply at CIA counter intelligence agent Lue Elizondo and his mission to create a false disclosure narrative. He also examines AS8003, the mysterious Department of Defense digital services purchase of 57 Million domain names and a greater portion of the Internet 3 minutes before Joe Biden took office.

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